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Trouble with Girls features Parker Hayes--a likeable guy looking for love and sex--at various points in his life in ten interconnected stories, from junior high and high school to post-grad and thirtysomething living in the real world. He's struggling to figure out how to be a man, and how to get--and hold on to--a woman.

It seems that girls aren't paying any attention to Parker, or he's prematurely breaking up with women he's still in love with, or he's stringing along exes just to fill the time, then driving himself crazy trying to win them back. His best intentions never seem to turn out quite right. Though he hardly wants to admit it, it's obvious that Parker has trouble with girls. ?

About the Author

Marshall Boswell grew up in Germantown, Tennessee, and spent some of his grad school years in Atlanta. A graduate of Washington and Lee University, he received his MA in English from Washington University and his PhD from Emory University. His short stories have appeared in a range of magazines, from Missouri Review to Playboy, and in New Stories from the South, 2001. He and his wife and their two young children live in Memphis, where he teaches American literature at Rhodes College.?

Praise For…

"Breezy, sharp...[Boswell] could not write a bad story if he killingly funny observation after another...startlingly strong."
--Boston Review

"Boswell [is] a fine, expressive writer...with a light hand and a virtuoso touch....The momentum of the book is so strong that the [final] story seems...even mythic in the end."
--The Washington Post

"A Southern experience with a universal charm that we all can relate to."
--Macon Magazine

"Boswell's Bildungsroman is quintessentially American and his protagonist, beginning at age 14, is one of the most charming characters one is likely to meet in contemporary fiction. This novel-made-of-stories is a little Fitzgerald, a little Salinger, and a little Updike, all seasoned with a Southern sensibility that is unique and totally satisfying."
--Corey Mesler, Burke's Book Store, Memphis, TN (Book Sense 76 May/June 2003)

"Demonstrates verbal prowess from its opening lines."

"A humorous ascent into manhood...that is both funny and endearing to anyone who remembers life and the music behind the 1970s and 1980s."

"Boswell imbues this debut collection with infectious energy....The dialogue is brisk and clever, and Parker himself is reasonably complex, a young man on the make who slowly gains some measure of insight and maturity."
--Publishers Weekly

"Hilarious....Boswell writes perceptive stories--tales that anyone ever baffled by females can understand and enjoy even while being slightly uncomfortable with one's own folly in such matters. Many of these stories have a connection to rock music and how it relates to our growing up and our musical taste. They are all the more enjoyable for that connection."
--Richmond Times-Dispatch

"It's Parker Hayes's world, though Boswell's sneaky skill is such that, every time I stopped laughing long enough to wipe my eyes, I began to wonder with growing dread if it might be my world too...charming."
--Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Sharp and clever....Boswell seems well on the way to a career as a literary comic worth watching."
--Sunday Star-News (Wilmington, NC)?

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ISBN: 9780385337830
ISBN-10: 0385337833
Publisher: Delta
Publication Date: April 27th, 2004
Pages: 320
Language: English