The Veterinarians' Guide to Your Dog's Symptoms (Paperback)

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The experts reveal how to interpret and understand your dog's symptoms
and what steps to take to ensure its health.
This comprehensive and practical book is designed to assist dog owners in understanding their pets' bodies and health based on signs and symptoms of disease, and in determining the most common medical problems that might cause particular symptoms.
Adopting the "decision chart" format from popular symptom guides for human ailments, such as the American Medical Association's Guide to Your Family's Symptoms and Take Care of Yourself, five leading veterinarians have designed a user-friendly chart system that will guide a pet owner from noting the symptom and observing the dog's behavior to understanding the associated signs of an illness, the possible conditions, and the best steps to take. Filled with more than two hundred charts in an easy-to-follow two-color format and medical drawings, The Veterinarians' Guide to Your Dog's Symptoms is the indispensable reference for dog owners. It not only considers the problems of sick and injured pets, but also addresses the needs of healthy animals. It has all the information a dog owner needs:
, What a healthy dog should look like
, Flow charts to the 150 most common symptoms
, Training and behavior issues, such as housebreaking and aggression
, Emergency first aid, including how to apply bandages and create
a makeshift muzzle
, A glossary of veterinary diagnostic tests and medical terms
With this unique combination of medical information and advice, plus an innovative chart system, The Veterinarians' Guide to Your Dog's Symptoms will enable pet owners to help their dogs live long, healthy, and happy lives.

Praise For…

"Like a good friend, this is the perfect take-it-with-you medical book. Like no other, it gives you the heads-up you need before things go from bad to worse. . . . Best vet-bet I've seen in years. You need this book."
          --Mordecai Siegal, The Davis Book of Dogs

"The Veterinarians' Guide to Your Dog's Symptoms is the perfect companion . . . and belongs in every pet owner's library. Recognizing the symptoms of illness is the first step toward getting appropriate and competent health care for your dog."          --Bash Dibra, internationally acclaimed animal behaviorist, trainer, and author

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ISBN: 9780375752261
ISBN-10: 0375752269
Publisher: Villard Books
Publication Date: June 1st, 1999
Pages: 240
Language: English