The Dogs and the Wolves (Paperback)

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A wonderful, panoramic novel and an achingly poignant love story that goes back to Irene Nemirovsky's roots, from the bestselling author of Suite Francaise.
Ada grows up motherless in the Jewish pogroms of a Ukrainian city in the early years of the twentieth century. In the same city, Harry Sinner, the cosseted son of a city financier, belongs to a very different world. Eventually, in search of a brighter future, Ada moves to Paris and makes a living painting scenes from the world she has left behind. Harry Sinner also comes to Paris to mingle in exclusive circles, until one day he buys two paintings which remind him of his past and the course of Ada's life changes once more.
But then recession and revolutions shake previously rich regimes. As summer draws to a close, Ada's world is disintegrating, and she is faced with a fateful decision.

"From the Hardcover edition."

About the Author

IReNE NeMIROVSKY was born in Kiev in 1903, the daughter of a Jewish banker. In 1918 her family fled the Russian Revolution for France where she became a bestselling novelist, author of David Golder, Le Bal, The Courilof Affair, All Our Worldly Goods and other works published in her lifetime or soon after, as well as of the recent posthumously published Suite Francaise and Fire in the Blood. The Dogs and the Wolves, now appearing for the first time in English, was published in France in spring 1940, just months before France fell to the Nazis. Nemirovsky died in Auschwitz in 1942. "From the Hardcover edition."
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ISBN: 9780307745477
Publisher: Vintage
Publication Date: September 1st, 2013
Pages: 224