Wylde on Health: Your Best Choices in the World of Natural Health (Paperback)

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The value of living healthily is indisputable, but what exactly can we do in our daily lives to be our healthiest self? In his new book, Bryce Wylde sets out to answer that question. He sorts out the confusing terminology used to describe natural medicine and leads us through a process of discovery about our own real state of health by showing how state-of-the-art self-testing now permits us to properly assess where we're vulnerable and where we're not. Whether you are worried about a vitamin deficiency or wonder if you're lacking the "feel good" brain hormone serotonin -- or even if you just want to ensure you're not wasting your money on supplements -- you'll learn what simple steps to take to test yourself. Wylde surveys and individually rates an array of present-day natural remedies from a no-nonsense, evidence-based perspective. He takes us on a guided tour of today's hottest health trends, highlighting what is good and steering us away from what is dubious (or outright snake oil). Underlying Wylde's ratings is the very latest research -- and he makes it clear that in the face of the astronomical rise in disease and the ubiquity of nutrient-devoid foods, we have no choice but to supplement our diets with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants if we want to live to our fullest potential.
Finally, Wylde on Health explores how we will increasingly use the strategic supplementation he recommends to redress genetic predispositions -- the future of preventative health care.

About the Author

BRYCE WYLDE is the author of the national bestseller "The Antioxidant Prescription." He graduated with a combined honours degree in biology and psychology from York University in Toronto. He went on to pursue a career in complementary alternative medicine and nutrition, graduating with a diploma in homeopathic medicine and health sciences (DHMHS) from the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine. Known as a world leader in complementary alternative health, Wylde is a highly knowledgeable and respected natural healthcare practitioner specializing in homeopathy, clinical nutrition and botanical medicine and whose focus is routed within functional medicine. Wylde began his television hosting career with CTV in early 2008 with the highly-rated weekly television show Wylde on Health. Wylde lectures frequently on the prevalence of junk science in the natural health world and has made it his mission to "debunk the junk." Bryce Wylde tweets @wyldeonhealth out of Toronto.

Praise For…

“Bryce makes all of us wildly passionate about our health and shares accessible insights and achievable action steps to bring youthful vigour into all our lives.”
—Mehmet Oz, MD, Professor and vice chair, surgery, NY Presbyterian/Columbia
“Bryce Wylde gives sensible, medically sound advice in this comprehensive manual on health, covering everything from optimum dietary habits to appropriate use of diagnostic tests and natural remedies for common problems. If you want to take greater control of your health, this book will be a great help.”
—Andrew Weil, MD, author of 8 Weeks to Optimum Health
“I am a doctor, and a nut about fitness. I want to live as long and as functional a life as possible, and constantly educate myself to make that happen. We don't know everything about the human body, but we know more than ever before. My friend Bryce Wylde has written a book that should be in your home today and will make you smarter about your own body. If you are wild about your health and want to take control, turn the page.”
—Sanjay Gupta, MD, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent
“For anyone who doubted the science behind alternative therapies and their effectiveness, this book will help them understand the many options natural medicine can provide to improve and maintain their overall health.”
—Randy Boyer, co-founder, The Healthy Shopper Inc., co-author of Unjunk Your Junk Food
“Bryce Wylde is one of our most trusted health experts, and the state-of-the-art self-testing covered in Wylde on Health is the missing key to unlocking the mystery of chronic health challenges we face today. This book is a must-read for anyone ready to take their vitality to the next level.”
—Julie Daniluk, RHN, author of Meals That Heal Inflammation
“Bryce Wylde’s professional experience as an alternative healthcare clinician, coupled with his passion for research and functional testing, make Wylde on Health a must-read for anyone interested in living a healthy lifestyle.”
—Andrea Donsky,RHN, creator of NaturallySavvy.com, co-author of Unjunk Your Junk Food
Wylde on Health paves the way to the emerging future, to aid you in having the healthiest, happiest and most energized life possible.”
—Sam Graci, author of The Five Keys to Amazing Energy
“In an age dominated by pharmaceuticals and marketing hype, Wylde on Health uncovers—in layman’s lingo—the all-too-often complex and confusing subject of how to get healthy fast by using the most natural and proven means accessible to us. Bryce has done all the legwork—now all you have to do is read the book!”
—Brad King, MS, MFS, nutritional researcher and author of Beer Belly Blues  

“Bryce Wylde’s book is a comprehensive, intelligently written and invaluable guide for the reader to natural and preventive medicine which, as he rightly states, should never be considered ‘alternative.’ This science-based and practical information will reassure and empower individuals to control many aspects of their own health, which is the only path to a healthy life. I will be recommending this book.”
—Jozef Krop, MD, HD, author of Healing the Planet: One Patient at a Time
“In the often confusing and hype-filled world of natural health, Bryce Wylde stands apart as a trusted authority. He has once again synthesized thousands of scientific papers from various medical disciplines into a concise, reader-friendly resource. With the unique insight that only he can provide, Bryce brilliantly weaves together his clinical, research and broadcasting experiences, engaging the reader from cover to cover.”
—Alan C. Logan, ND, co-author of Your Brain on Nature
“Bryce Wylde brilliantly separates fact from junk science, explaining how to use specific health-promoting foods, supplements and simple home tests to reclaim your health, live longer and complement medical treatment for many common health problems and diseases of our time. A must-read for every health-conscious person.” —James Meschino, DC, MS, ND, author of The Meschino Optimal Living Program
Wylde on Health is a must-read: the perfect guide for those looking to achieve optimal health naturally.” 
—Joey Shulman, DC, registered nutritionist, author of The Metabolism-Boosting Diet
“As a pre-eminent integrative medicine expert, Bryce Wylde has an encyclopedic knowledge that spans topics as diverse as digestion, anti-aging medicine, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. Wylde on Health is an invaluable resource to help you live and perform at your best!”
—Robb Wolf, author of The Paleo Solution

“This book is very highly recommended. It’s for anyone looking for a natural way to enhance their well-being and live longer using safe and effective diet changes and nutritional supplements of all kinds. Conventional doctors will also enjoy reading and learning about evidence-based complementary and alternative medical solutions they never learned in medical school.”
—Zoltan P. Rona, MD, MSc, author of Vitamin D, The Sunshine Vitamin

“As a radio host, I’ve had a ringside seat to the world’s greatest health experts and visionaries for fifteen years, and I can assure you by far the most impressive was alternative health expert Bryce Wylde. Bryce has a unique ability to cut through the noise and bring you the information that will impact your life in a positive way. Bryce Wylde is the real deal.”
—Jesse Dylan, author of The Good Life with Jesse Dylan  


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