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In Indian Home Cooking, Suvir Saran introduced our taste buds, and our kitchens, to the wonders of cumin, coriander, cardamom, and curry leaves. "American Masala" takes the next step, marrying Indian flavors with American favorites to create dishes that are exotic, yet familiar; full of complex tastes, yet easy enough for weeknight suppers. Masala the Hindi word for a blend of spices is at the heart of Indian cooking. Whether toasted, ground, fried, infused in oil, or fresh, spices are used to layer flavors in simple but profound ways. Bring the same techniques to American classics such as meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, or roasted turkey, and the result is something truly special. Masala also refers to the excitement and vibrancy that come from a house full of friends and family. Simple recipes prepared with staples found in every supermarket mean less time laboring in the kitchen and more time spent enjoying the spice of life.
From snacks and starters and on to the evening meal, the Indian influence brightens the flavors in dishes like:
- Goat Cheese Pesto Stuffed Chicken Breasts
- Tamarind-Glazed Turkey with Corn Bread Jalapeno Stuffing
- Crab-and-Salmon Cakes with Spicy Cilantro Aioli
- Crispy Okra Salad
- Bombay-Style Whole Snapper
- Honey-Glazed Double-Thick Pork Chops
- Pistachio-and-Cardamom Pound Cake with Lemon Icing
- Fried Eggs with Asparagus and Prosciutto
American Masala isn t about traditional Indian food it's about adding new flavors to the great American melting pot, using spices to liven up the old standbys, and enjoying dishes that are as exciting and diverse as life in the big city, and yet as familiar and comforting as your mother's cooking.

About the Author

SUVIR SARAN s Manhattan restaurant, Devi, has earned widespread critical acclaim including a Michelin star. His newest restaurant endeavor, the American Masala fast-food chain, will debut in 2007. He lives between Manhattan and his farm in upstate New York."

Praise For…

"This book is a warm, personal invitation to make fabulous food at home, all inspired by American and Indian favorites. How could anyone say no to vegetables so gorgeous and so easy to make. Nothing could be healthier. These dishes promise no fuss or drama and I love the descriptions that come with them. I'm convinced.
I can't wait to try them all."
- Marion Nestle, NYU Professor and author of Food Politics and What to Eat

"I actually hear the voice of Suvir Saran on every page, especially in the intimate recipe footnotes as he reimagines everyday favorite dishes of the American melting pot in his own kitchen, intensifying flavors with the fragrant spices of India. Buy this book for the secret of his rich-as Croesus macaroni and cheese, the crispy okra salad and, yes, the irresistible skillet cornbread borrowed from an America grandma. "
- Gael Greene , New York Magazine Critic and author of Insatiable: Tales from a Life of Delicious Excess

"Suvir Saran's American Masala is an exciting addition to American cooking. These recipes are simple without being simplistic and bring the vibrant traditions of Indian seasoning and spice to the increasingly diverse American repertoire. Perhaps most important, this book is filled with Saran's huge and generous spirit."
- Michael Ruhlman, Author, The Soul of a Chef

"I have cooked Suvir's recipes probably fifty times, never without delightful, fresh, inspiring results. When it comes to contemporary and traditional food, I trust him implicitly. American Masala is a gem."
- Mark Bittman, Author, How to Cook Everything and The Best Recipes in the World

Suvir Saran's American Masala is an exhilarating culinary journey. From Cardamom Roasted Cauliflower to sumptuous Crab and Salmon Cakes with a Spicy Cilantro Aioli, Suvir’s love affair with amazing flavors is evident in every recipe. My own personal favorites will always be his Spiced Pear and Better-than-Ketchup Tomato Chutneys, but I adore his pickles, too!"
- Sheila Lukins, Co-author, the Silver Palate Cookbook

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