Perfectly Picked Book Club



We want to share our 45+ years bookselling experience by helping thousands of customers find the perfect book.  Whether it’s helping a newborn nurture their love of story or keeping the most voracious reader up to date on the latest literary star, our talented staff members are guaranteed to pick the perfect book.  Our goal is for you to be lost in the pleasure of a great read.

Each month, our team will choose a new book perfectly tailored to the interest of the reader. The beauty of the program is the customization. We use personal interaction not computer-generated algorithms, to select the book. We take inventory of what readers have enjoyed in the past as well as other activities and interests that attract their attention.  We don’t just recycle past preferences, but help the reader expand their literary preferences and achieve their reading goals.

We offer 3 shipping frequencies, across hardback and paperback books.  We choose from our entire inventory of books including new releases. We are also happy to take requests for specific titles.


Here's How It Works

  • To sign up or send as a gift, fill out this online form or feel free to stop by the store, where one of our friendly booksellers will be happy to assist you. Pricing for the ongoing gift subscription plan is the list price of the book:
    • ~$19 for paperback
    • ~$29-35 for hardback
    • ~$9-$19 for children and young adult
    • ~$5 postage and handling
  • There is no enrollment fee. Membership is only the cost of the book and shipping.
  • You can decide how many times a year you would like a book sent as well as if you prefer, hardback, paperback, or a mix.
  • Each book is gift wrapped and sent with a handwritten gift card.
  • We hope you'll love the books we choose, but if you don't, you or your recipient can exchange a selection within two weeks of receiving.  We mail out a return kit for a smooth and easy swap.
  • As soon as you sign someone up, we will send them a certificate explaining the program and identify you as the generous donor so that they will know who to thank when they start receiving their new books!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Aunt Lydia Gift Membership program?
Our Aunt Lydia program picks the perfect book for your recipient, wraps it, attaches a handwritten card, and ships it every month, every other month, or whatever frequency you purchase.  Your credit card is only charged for the price of the book plus shipping. There are no additional enrollment fees.  We determine what your recipient would enjoy based on a survey and follow-up conversation. We check in periodically to make sure our selections are a perfect fit.

How do I sign up?
Fill out this online form or stop by Book Passage.  Once registered, we mail out a handwritten card announcing the membership and program details.

How do you pick the books?

We send out a 5-question survey to assess interests and reading goals. If necessary, we follow up with a call.  Our team collectively reads over 70 books a month, so we have a great track record on finding the perfect fit.  If our selection misses the mark, we are eager to learn and discover how to improve. We will We periodically check in to make sure our selections are a solid fit.  Exchanges are always welcomed.

What subscription plans are available?
We offer annual, bi-monthly and 4-month programs.  You can indicate hardback, paperback or a mix.

How much does a membership cost?
There is no enrollment fee.  We only charge the retail list price of the book.

    • ~$19 for paperback
    • ~$29-35 for hardback fiction and non-fiction
    • ~$9-$19 for children and young adult
    • ~$5 postage and handling

How do you determine what to send?
We have booksellers who have been recommending books for over 45 years.  We take stock of the readers interests and create a profile of what they may like. We also periodically check in to see if the selections are interesting and how we can improve. We stay current on all up-and-coming authors and know of highly anticipated novels 6-9 months in advance. 

Can I request a specific title?
Yes, just email the name of the recipient along with the title you wish to gift. If we do not have the book in stock, we can make a special order.

When will the first books be sent?
Let us know if there is a specific date you would like a book sent. Typically, we select and ship out books at the beginning of every month. We will send out a handwritten note with the first book announcing that a gift membership has been purchased for them.

Do I have to provide my credit card number?
Yes. We will only charge your card when a book is shipped out based on your frequency.

I received a call/email about an expired/declined credit card. What do I do?
Please call the store at (415) 927-0969 to update your credit card information or email If we are not able to receive updated credit card information within one month, your membership will be cancelled. If you are aware that your credit card will soon expire, or if you receive a new credit card or number in the mail, please contact us so there is no disruption in your membership.

Do you take returns or exchanges?
Yes!. Just email and an exchange package with return instructions will be sent out.