Online Class: Julia McNeal - Three Ways In to Evocative, Authentic Presence and Branding for Authors and Entrepreneurs

Saturday, May 22, 1:30-3:30pm PT

Hosted via Zoom • Live • $75 • Class limited to 24


Authenticity is a word that gets over-used these days, but what it refers to—credible, trustworthy expression of the essence of a thing or being—is essential to the kind of self-promotion that feels easeful and aligned. That easeful alignment relaxes you, clarifies who you are, and connects you intimately with your audience.

Every business, every book, every writer, event or online page, has an essential authenticity — a Character all its own. When you apply Julia McNeal’s acclaimed Five Ways In to Character technique to your book, your business, or your online presence, you’ll bring that character into clear and vibrant focus.

In this two-hour workshop, you’ll learn how to apply three of the Five Ways In for greatest effect in bringing your work, yourself and your brand to the marketplace. You’ll come away with practical tools you can use whenever you are promoting your work. You’ll get access to language and a tone that is intimately congruent with and evocative of who you are and what you are creating — in alignment with your most authentic intention and purpose.

Format of classes: Presentation, short interactive exercises, question/answer.

Julia McNeal’s Five Ways In to Character technique is a unique, 5-part approach for creating characters on the page and in performance. Synthesized by professional actor and coach, Julia McNeal, and honed over the last 15 years, this technique has never failed to deepen, clarify, and improve the character creation of all who apply it.

What Students Are Saying about Julia McNeal

“Julia’s Ways In is a brilliant and original set of techniques for exploring and deepening characters which go way beyond what writers usually learn and practice. A wonderful opportunity to learn from an accomplished actress how to
access the often elusive essence of characters and what makes them tick. Julia is a passionate and stimulating teacher and her classes crack open new insights and perspectives for writers committed to creating characters that are fully alive.”

"Julia's techniques help keep me excited about my writing projects rather than overwhelmed. Her classes offer a useful conceptual framework, actionable practices, and compassionate support."