Path To Publishing was designed to help writers get published. It’s that simple. 

We know you have questions and concerns about your writing and how to get it published – and there are many ─ so PTP is specifically focused on you, the writer, and what you need to know:  

You have a great idea, but how do you turn it into a book?

How do you to take your writing to the next level?

If you have several book ideas, which do you focus on?

How do you get published?

What about self-publishing and co-publishing?

How do you navigate the book proposal process?

Do you need an agent, and how do you get one?

Do you need a good editor or an expert reader?

How will your book be marketed, publicized, distributed, and sold?

Any or all of these questions may touch a nerve. And that’s why Book Passage, renowned for its classes and conferences in support of writing and publishing, created the PTP program to provide resources for and attention on you, the individual writer. 

Managing the PTP program is publishing pro and author, Sam Barry, BP’s Author Services Liaison, with whom you can schedule an initial, no-cost interview that will help you decide if PTP makes sense for you, and provide you with details on the PTP Mentors, a group of successful authors with expertise in publishing, many of whom presented at the conference. The cost for becoming a PTP member is $150; once you are a member you have the opportunity to work with Sam to chart your course through one-on-one meetings and to identify critical resources, all included in your PTP membership.

Importantly, PTP can help you clarify your publishing choice:  traditional, independent (self) or alternative/hybrid.  And Sam will help you make solid decisions on editing, book design, printing, e-book production, distribution, marketing and promotion.  

We are pleased to announce that all members of PTP are entitled to a 10% discount on the price of any our writing conferences (Children’s, Mystery, and Travel). To claim this special discount conference rate please call the conference director, Katherine Petrocelli, at 415-927-0960, ext. 239.

Contact Sam Barry at to get started and learn more about PTP. 


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