Benny Lewis - Fluent in Three Months

Saturday, July 5, 2014 - 12:30pm
Founder of the largest language-learning blog in the world offers the first blueprint for learning any language at any age in just 3 months.

Benny Lewis speaks an amazing ten languages fluently and counting (all self-taught) and runs the largest language-learning blog in the world which receives more than 400,000 unique visitors every month and is one of the top 5 travel blogs in the world. Benny is a full-time "language hacker," someone who devotes all his time to finding better, faster, and more efficient ways to learn languages. His approach is different from any other language program out there, as he encourages readers to avoid studying, ignore grammar, and start speaking from day 1. He argues that you don't need a great memory or "the language gene" to learn any language quickly. He also debunks a number of long-held beliefs, such as children are better language learners. Fluent in 3 Months ($17.99) offers Benny's language hacks together in a systematic way so that anyone at any age can learn to speak any language from anywhere in the world.

In 2003, Benny Lewis spoke only one language (English) and even that one had given him trouble, as he had to overcome a stutter as a child. Benny barely passed German in high school and was so poor in Irish (Gaeilge) that he had to drop down to the lower level examination just to get into University. He moved to Spain after graduating with an engineering degree and six months into his stay there he still couldn't speak or understand Spanish beyond the most basic level. Today Benny is the known as The Irish Polyglot and speaks an amazing 10 languages fluently.
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An Unconventional Guide to Start Speaking a New Language Today