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Start: 10:00 am
End: 4:00 pm
Sat., Aug. 9 • 10:00-4:00 pm • $105 Hone up your observation skills to make your writing unforgettable. Whether your writing is literary, journalistic, humorous, or quirky, you still need to catch readers’ attention. Writers accomplish this by using specific detail, and the way to amp up detail is to hone your skills of observation. Through playful exercises, ferocious editing, and lively discussion, Molly Fisk shows how to notice more of what’s in front of you and gracefully add it to your sentences. Molly Fisk is the author of Blow-Drying a Chicken, a collection of her weekly commentary for community radio stations She’s written three poetry collections. 
Start: 10:00 am
End: 2:00 pm
Sat., Aug 9 • 10:00-2:00 pm • $60  48-hour advance registration • Limit of sixYou’ve written a brilliant children’s story and can’t wait to hear what others think, or you’re stuck and need a critique. Bring your manuscript or idea to this on-the-spot workshop, and we’ll critique it. Amy Novesky is a children’s book editor, author, and experienced workshop leader. 
Start: 1:00 pm
Authors, Carol Benson and Paul Benson met over a decade ago and it was a dream partnership from the beginning. Life was exciting, easy and a lot of fun. They felt confident they would be able to eventually retire in the style of their parents.At the height of the country's economic meltdown their entire financial foundation crumbled. They watched as their savings dwindled, businesses vanished and they lost their home. But, guess what? They never fought; never blamed each other and never let the fears get in the way of their bond. In fact, they stayed alive, still in love and motivated to prosper!They used 5 Steps to get through the chaos and confusion of their financial circumstances changing. People kept asking what they were doing to stay happy while losing most everything they had counted on. So they decided to show how in the book 5 Steps to Thrive: Reveal Any Crisis as Opportunity.Carol Benson’s background is heavy on what it takes to actually accomplish effective communication, team building and forming sustainable alliances and relationships. In addition to coaching, she’s worked as a Speech Language Pathologist and as a writer. Paul Benson, as a successful entrepreneur for over thirty years, has a background immersed in business and all that it takes to create multimillion-dollar businesses. He’s also received training in somatic, body-centered therapy and a variety of personal coaching styles,
Start: 4:00 pm
An Unplanned Encounter: Two Lives Forever Changed ($38.34) is an unforgettable heart-rending novel set against the backdrop of World War II England. The main characters are involved in a fifteen-minute unintended sexual event that has lasting ramifications in their lives for the next thirty years.Jonathan Husband, a first-time author, has written a touching, intense, complex story that is all the more striking because it is based on real events. He perceptively describes people dealing with emotions that have spiraled out of control and consumed their ordinary lives. Readers may very well imagine what their reactions might be if they found themselves in similar circumstances to the protagonists.Within the main story are other spin-off stories, ranging from a Jewish family fleeing to Shanghai to escape the Nazis, to the San Francisco hippie scene in the 1960s complete with a graphic description of an acid trip, and insight into a mental hospital’s treatment of suicidal patients.Mary Louise, the 20-year-old girl at the heart of the story, struggles to keep her illegitimate baby and support him in the face of her family’s disapproval. Jock is the father of the son he does not acknowledge, support, or have any involvement with. The third main character is Michael, an American who worked at an airfield in England with Jock during the War, and who, years later, connects the lives of Mary Louise and Jock.Simultaneously tragic and uplifting, An Unplanned Encounter is an unforgettable story about relationships, acceptance, determination, sacrifice, and generosity. 
Start: 7:00 pm
Laurie McAndish King’s adventures may have seemed like a good idea at the time: Tracking lions on foot, without a gun, in Botswana. Taste-testing the world’s most expensive coffee—which happens to be made from the excrement of a small Balinese mammal. Marrying a Maasai warrior in Kenya, searching the Irish countryside for an erotic goddess, and attempting to eat a horse in southern Italy. Whether she is lost in Melbourne, kidnapped in Tunisia, or eaten alive in Queensland, King’s travel adventures tend toward the quirky. And her retelling in Lost, Kidnapped, Eaten Alive! ($14.95) is poignant, thoughtful, occasionally unsettling, often funny, and always appealing.Laurie McAndish King grew up in rural Iowa, the pulmonary artery of the American Heartland. She has traveled to nearly forty countries and published award-winning travel essays and photography in Smithsonian magazine, Travel Channel affiliate, the San Francisco Chronicle, Travelers’ Tales’ The Best Women’s Travel Writing, and other magazines and literary anthologies. Her mobile app about the San Francisco waterfront received a five-star rating on iTunes. She is an avid photographer—one of her photos was displayed at the Smithsonian Institution—and enjoys gardening, taxidermy, and chasing the cosmic serpent. Laurie lives in northern California with her husband and two cats. They all study philosophy together in front of the fireplace.  

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