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Start: 12:00 pm
End: 8:00 pm
  We’re excited to announce the 20th Annual Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference. This Conference has a strong tradition of great authors and teachers. Mystery writers learn all the clues to a successful writing career. Editors, agents, and publishers share with participants what they need to know to get published. Authors offer classes on setting, dialogue, suspense and point of view. Panels of detectives, forensic experts, and other crime-fighting professionals provide invaluable information that allows writers to put realism into their work. We’re proud of the successful mystery writers who began their careers at this conference.Questions or concerns? Contact Kathryn Petrocelli at 800-999-7909, ext. 239, or email 2014 Faculty2014 ScheduleLearning All the CluesPrivate ConsultationsAccomodationsFAQ
Start: 1:00 pm
End: 3:30 pm
Thursday, July 24 • 1:00 - 3:30pm • $90 (Mystery Writers Conference Participants) or $125 (General Public)      Ripped From the Headlines: Turning News into FictionThe best plots come from life. In the headlines everyday, we see stories that can be adapted to dozens of different times and places, given different endings, and more.  Participants will learn how to take a current news story and adapt it to work in a story set a hundred years ago or in the distant future. The class will discuss what elements to keep and which to change. Learn how to retell great disasters, conspiracies, romances or crimes, in a totally different setting.  This writing exercise will force the imagination to work overtime. Loads of detailed examples from Anne's own experiences will provide context throughout the class.Anne Perry is an acclaimed English author of historical detective fiction, known for her Thomas Pitt and William Monk series. She has also written a series of YA novels and a number of short stories including "Heroes," which won the 2001 Edgar award for best short story.   
Start: 1:00 pm
End: 3:30 pm
Thursday, July 24 • 1:00 - 3:30pm • $90 (Mystery Writers Conference Participants) or $125 (General Public)      Beyond Good and Evil: Using Moral Argument to Develop Plot & CharacterFar too often writers revert to the easiest, simplest, and least compelling form of moral argument to structure their stories: Good versus Evil. In this pre-conference seminar and workshop, award-winning novelist David Corbett will guide students through a deeper understanding of the possibilities of this moral contest by exploring ways to add texture, nuance and complexity to the depiction of opposing values, with additional instruction on other forms of moral argument, such as Tragedy, Drama, Pathos, Satire/Irony and Black Comedy. David Corbett is a skilled private investigator, having worked 15 years for the famed private investigation firm of Palladino & Sutherland. He is also a highly-talented writer of crime fiction. His novels including Do They Know I’m Running?, Blood of Paradise, Done for a Dime, and The Devil’s Redhead.   
Start: 5:00 pm
In conversation with William PetrocelliJohn Lescroart is the heart-stopping author of 25 mysteries. He discusses his new thriller The Keeper with Book Passage co-owner, William Petrocelli (author of The Circle of Thirteen). Lescroart’s novels paint a vivid, unforgettable picture of San Francisco. Mystery Conference attendees have preferred seating. 
Start: 6:00 pm
History reveals itself when, in the seventeenth century, a Jesuit missionary ventures into the Canadian wilderness in search of converts-- the defining moment of first contact between radically different worlds. What unfolds over the next several years is truly epic, illuminating, surprising, sometimes comic, always entrancing and ultimately all too human in its tragic grandeur. Christophe has been in the New World only a year when his native guides abandon him to flee their Iroquois pursuers. A Huron warrior and elder named Bird soon takes him prisoner, along with a young Iroquois girl, Snow Falls, whose family he has just killed, and holds them captive in his massive village. Champlain's Iron People have only recently begun trading with the Huron, who mistrust them as well as this Crow who has now trespassed onto their land; and her people, of course, have become the Huron's greatest enemy. Putting both to death would resolve the issue, but Bird sees Christophe as a potential envoy to those in New France, and Snow Falls as a replacement for his two daughters who were murdered by the Iroquois. The relationships between these three are reshaped again and again as life comes at them relentlessly: a dangerous trading mission, friendly exchanges with allied tribes, shocking victories and defeats in battle, and sicknesses the likes of which no one has ever witnessed. The Orenda ($26.95) traces a story of blood and hope, suspicion and trust, hatred and love, that comes to a head when Jesuit and Huron join together against the stupendous wrath of the Iroquois, when everything that any of them has ever known or believed faces nothing less than annihilation. A saga nearly four hundred years old, it is also timeless and eternal. Joseph Boyden divides his time between Lousiana, where he teaches at the University of New Orleans, and Northern Ontario, where he was born in 1966. He is the author of two previous novels, two works of nonfiction, and a collection of stories. 
Start: 6:30 pm
End: 9:30 pm
Thurs., July 24 • 6:30-9:30 pm • Cavallo Point Cooking School • $125 Sold Out! Please call (415) 927-0960 ext. 1 to inquire about waitlist availability. New York Times "Recipes for Health" columnist and James Beard Award winning chef, Martha Rose Shulman, brings us her latest cookbook boasting 100 recipes that arm home chefs with a repertoire of delicious vegetarian building blocks. Shulman teaches how to cook basic dishes via templates – master recipes with simple guidelines for creating an essential dish from frittatas to risottos to soups to stir-fry – and then how to swap in and out key ingredients as desired based on seasonality and freshness. By having these basic templates at their fingertips home chefs will be able to prepare luscious, vegetarian main dishes simply and easily. Shulman will share her mouth-watering template recipes in this interactive, hands-on class. Seats are limited.
Start: 7:30 pm
In conversation with Cara BlackAnne Perry is a distinguished author of historical detective novels. In Death on Blackheath, the murder of a “house maid” leads to conflict between England’s Special Branch and Downing Street. Perry is in discussion with Cara Black, author of Murder in Pigalle and a popular series of mysteries set in Paris. Mystery Conference attendees have preferred seating. 

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