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Start: 1:00 pm
Few issues today excite more passion or alarm than the specter of climate change. In A Climate of Crisis ($29.95), historian Patrick Allitt shows that our present climate of crisis is far from exceptional. Indeed, the environmental debates of the last half century are defined by exaggeration and fearmongering from all sides, often at the expense of the facts.

In a real sense, Allitt shows us, collective anxiety about widespread environmental danger began with the atomic bomb. As postwar suburbanization transformed the American landscape, more research and better tools for measurement began to reveal the consequences of economic success. A climate of anxiety became a climate of alarm, often at odds with reality. The sixties generation transformed environmentalism from a set of special interests into a mass movement. By the first Earth Day in 1970, journalists and politicians alike were urging major initiatives to remedy environmental harm. In fact, the work of the new Environmental Protection Agency and a series of clean air and water acts from a responsive Congress inaugurated a largely successful cleanup.

Political polarization around environmental questions after 1980 had consequences that we still feel today. Since then, the general polarization of American politics has mirrored that of environmental politics, as pro-environmentalists and their critics attribute to one another the worst possible motives. Environmentalists see their critics as greedy special interest groups that show no conscience as they plunder the earth while skeptics see their adversaries as enemies of economic growth whose plans stifle initiative under an avalanche of bureaucratic regulation.

There may be a germ of truth in both views, but more than a germ of falsehood too. America’s worst environmental problems have proven to be manageable; the regulations and cleanups of the last sixty years have often worked, and science and technology have continued to improve industrial efficiency. Our present situation is serious, argues Allitt, but it is far from hopeless. Sweeping and provocative, A Climate of Crisis challenges our basic assumptions about the environment, no matter where we fall along the spectrum—reminding us that the answers to our most pressing questions are sometimes found in understanding the past.
Patrick Allitt is the Cahoon Family Professor of American History at Emory University, where he has taught since 1988. He was an undergraduate at Oxford and a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, and held postdoctoral fellowships at Harvard Divinity School and Princeton University. The author of six books, he is also the presenter of eight lecture series with “The Great Courses,” including “The Art of Teaching.” 
Start: 4:00 pm

With commentary by Dave Mitchell, The Light On the Coast: 65 Years of News Big and Small as Reported in the Point Reyes Light ($29.95) encapsulates a weekly newspaper’s first 65 years of unpredictable reporting from the small towns along the Marin County coast.

At times, The Point Reyes Light — or The Baywood Press as it was known for 18 years — changed the course of public affairs by exposing private wrongdoing and official misconduct. A Light exposé and editorial crusade won the 1979 Pulitzer Prize for Meritorious Public Service. Only a handful of weeklies have ever won a Pulitzer in any category.

On other occasions, even the newspaper’s bovine coverage has made readers chuckle, what with bulls stopping traffic by fighting on Highway 1 in the Olema Valley, a firefighter having to get a cow down from a tree in Hicks Valley, and dairy cows stampeding late at night through downtown Point Reyes Station.

This work features, along with a variety of news and commentary, a sampling of cartoons, advertising, and photography. The authors reviewed more than 3,380 past issues of The Light in compiling the book and wrote explanatory narratives for many of their selections.

David Mitchell is editor and publisher emeritus of The Point Reyes Light. Mitchell retired in November 2005 after 35 years of newspapering, 27 of those at The Light. During his newspaper career, he also worked for the old San Francisco Examiner, Sonora’s Daily Union Democrat in the Sierra Nevada, and Council Bluff’s daily newspaper, The Nonpareil. In addition, he edited the weekly Sebastopol Times. Mitchell holds a Master’s Degree in Communications and a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Stanford University. He is 70 and lives in Point Reyes Station.



Start: 8:30 am
End: 10:15 am

Five Mondays: Apr. 28-June 9 (no class 5/19 & 5/26) • 8:30-10:15 am • $160



Gisella Petrone has a Master’s degree from the University of Calabria. She has taught English, Italian, Latin, Roman History, and Italian cooking.

Start: 7:00 pm

Etched on Me ($15.00), tells the story of sixteen-year-old Lesley Holloway, who appears to be just another bright new student at Hawthorn Hill, a posh all-girls’ prep school north of London. Little do her classmates know that she recently ran away from home, where her father had spent years sexually abusing her. Nor does anyone know that she’s secretly cutting herself as a coping mechanism...until the day she goes too far and ends up in the hospital.

Lesley spends the next two years in and out of psychiatric facilities, where she overcomes her traumatic memories and finds the support of a surrogate family. Eventually completing university and earning her degree, she is a social services success story—until she becomes unexpectedly pregnant in her early twenties. Despite the overwhelming odds she has overcome, the same team that saved her as an adolescent will now question whether Lesley is fit to be a mother. And so she embarks upon her biggest battle yet: the fight for her unborn daughter.

Jenn Crowell is the critically acclaimed author of the novels Necessary Madness and Letting the Body Lead. She holds an MFA in creative writing and lives near Portland, Oregon, with her husband and daughter.


Start: 8:30 am
End: 10:15 pm

Seven Tuesdays: Apr. 29-June 10 • 8:30-10:15 am • $220


Speaking and listening with an emphasis on grammar and usage. Gisella Petrone has a Master’s degree from the University of Calabria. She has taught English, Italian, Latin, Roman History, and Italian cooking.

Start: 10:30 am
End: 12:15 pm

Seven Tuesdays: Apr. 29-June 10 • 10:30-12:15 pm • $220


This class will focus on improving listening comprehension and speaking ability. Gisella Petrone has a Master’s degree from the University of Calabria. She has taught English, Italian, Latin, Roman History, and Italian cooking.

Start: 5:16 pm

Wednesday, August 13 • 9:00 - 6:00pm • $120 (Travel Writers Conference Participants) or $170 (General Public) 



Travel Photography in Sonoma: 

Join award-winning landscape, food, and wine photographers Robert Holmes and Andrea Johnson for a day of exploration and photography. Throughout the day, they demonstrate the art of finding, framing, and capturing photos. Participants have time to wander and photograph one of Northern California’s most beautiful locales. Over lunch, the group will talk about their experiences and share their work. Lunch and transportation included. 

Robert Holmes is one of the world’s most successful and prolific travel photographers whose career has extended over 30 years.  He has been honored by the Society of American Travel Writers with their Travel Photographer of the Year Award three times, most recently in 2010. Holmes has worked for National Geographic, Geo, Saveur, Wine Spectator, Life, Time and hundreds of other major magazines and international companies. He has illustrated over 40 books and has regularly been one of the world’s best photojournalists invited to participate in the acclaimed “Day in the Life” series. 

Award-winning photographer and video producer serving the wine, food, adventure, and travel industries. Over the last decade, Johnson has created a compelling body of work for corporate, advertising, editorial, and fine art clients around the globe. Her photographs regularly appear in  publications including Wine Spectator, Food and Wine, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Additionally, she has photographed three books: Passion for Pinot (2008), Essential Wines and Wineries of the Pacific Northwest (2010), and most recently, Spectacular Wineries of Washington (2012). 


Start: 6:00 pm

Mill Valley Community Center

Sonja Lyubomirsky is professor of Psychology at the University of California, Riverside. Lyubomirsky and her research have been the recipients of many honors, including the 2002 Templeton Positive Psychology Prize and a multiyear grant from the National Institute of Mental Health. Her discussion will include concepts from two of her books about happiness.

The How of Happiness: A New Approach to Getting the Life You Want ($17.00) is a comprehensive guide to understanding the elements of happiness based on years of groundbreaking scientific research. It is also a practical, empowering, and easy-to-follow workbook, incorporating happiness strategies, excercises in new ways of thinking, and quizzes for understanding our individuality, all in an effort to help us realize our innate potential for joy and ways to sustain it in our lives.

The Myths of Happiness: What Should Make You Happy, But Doesn't, What Shouldn't Make You Happy, But Does ($16.00) shares practical lessons that prove we are more adaptable than we think we are. It empowers readers to look beyond their first response by sharing evidence that often it is our mindset that matters more than our circumstances. Focusing on life’s biggest, messiest moments, Lyubomirsky provides readers with the clear-eyed vision they need to build the healthiest, most satisfying life possible.

Inspired by the fabulous women among us in the Bay Area, Speak to Me was created to stimulate thought and discussion, facilitate the swapping of stories and experiences, and enjoy the sense of community we share in this great place we call home. For more information, visit


Start: 7:00 pm

Based on the acclaimed HBO documentary, 50 Children: One Ordinary American Couple's Extraordinary Rescue Mission Into the Heart of Nazi Germany ($26.99), is the astonishing true story of how one American couple transported fifty Jewish children from Nazi-occupied Austria to America in 1939--the single largest group of unaccompanied refugee children allowed into the United States.

In early 1939, America's rigid immigration laws made it virtually impossible for European Jews to seek safe haven in the United States. As deep-seated anti-Semitism and isolationism gripped much of the country, neither President Roosevelt nor Congress rallied to their aid. Yet one brave Jewish couple from Philadelphia refused to silently stand by. Risking their own safety, Gilbert Kraus, a successful lawyer, and his stylish wife, Eleanor, traveled to Nazi-controlled Vienna and Berlin to save fifty Jewish children. Steven Pressman brought the Kraus's rescue mission to life in his acclaimed HBO documentary, 50 Children. In this book, he expands upon the story related in the hour-long film, offering additional historical detail and context to offer a rich, full portrait of this ordinary couple and their extraordinary actions.

Steven Pressman was a journalist for more than 30 years, writing and editing for newspapers, magazines, and other publications in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco. He is  the author of a previous work of nonfiction, Outrageous Betrayal: The Dark Journey of Werner Erhard from est to Exile, and is the writer, director and producer of the HBO documentary film, Fifty Children: The Rescue Mission of Mr. and Mrs. Kraus. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his wife, former New York publisher Liz Perle, the granddaughter of Gilbert and Eleanor Kraus.


Start: 1:15 pm
End: 3:00 pm

Seven Wednesdays: Apr. 30-June 11 • 1:15-3:00 pm • $220



This class will include reading short novels by modern Italian writers, as well as reviewing difficult grammar structures. Gisella Petrone has a Master’s degree from the University of Calabria. She has taught English, Italian, Latin, Roman History, and Italian cooking.


Start: 6:00 pm

Everyone gets to die. Not everyone gets to find love first. Some people don’t even get to look. A Moody Fellow Finds Love and Then Dies ($16.00) is about a moody fellow who got to do all three. His name was Moody Fellow.

Moody looked for love for a long time before he found it. He looked in some, not all, of the wrong places and in quite a few of the wrong ways. It didn't make things any easier that, from the beginning of his search to the short-lived sweetness that marked its end, he was a terribly - and we do mean awfully - moody fellow.

Douglas Watson is the author of a book of short stories, The Era of Not Quite, winner of the inaugural BOA Editions Short Fiction Prize. Watson's stories have appeared or are forthcoming in One Story, Fifty-two Stories, Tin House Flash Fridays, Sou'wester, The Journal, Ecotone, Salt Hill, Epiphany and other publications. His story "Life on the Moon" was chosen by Dan Chaon and Wigleaf in 2012 as one of the year's top 50 very short fictions. He was featured as a "literary debutante" at One Story's 2013 Literary Debutante Ball.



Start: 7:00 pm

Free & Open to the Public!
Angelico Hall, Dominican University

In our culminating event for the 2014 One Book One Marin selection Farm City ($16.00), author Novella Carpenter is joined by KQED “Forum” host Michael Krasny for a discussion of her work. Ambivalent about repeating her parents’ disastrous mistakes, yet drawn to the idea of backyard self-sufficiency, Carpenter decided that it might be possible to have it both ways. Farm City is an unforgettably charming memoir, full of hilarious moments, fascinating farmers’ tips, and a great deal of heart.

Book Passage is pleased to work with the Institute of Leadership Studies at Dominican University of California in San Rafael to present these outstanding events sponsored by Private Ocean.



Start: 7:00 pm

Stagnant Water & Other Poems ($18.99) is a new translation by poet Robert Hammond Dorsett of Wen Yiduo’s landmark second collection. For many, this volume will serve as an introduction to Wen’s influential work, and his role as a political critic of the Nationalists in pre-Communist China. For many years, Wen’s artistic accomplishments were obscured by the circumstances of his death: Wen was assassinated in 1946, most  likely by the Nationalists after giving an impassioned speech denouncing the Guomindang government.  His work was banned in Taiwan until 1987, while Mao and the People’s Republic of China regarded Wen as a patriot.

Neal Grace's newest work, Sacred Life: Mystical Verses ($15.00), is a passport for you to leave behind the mechanized and sometimes sterile world of contemporary existence, entering a lush, vibrant garden to explore a magical place teeming with beauty and mystery. This is a book to savor slowly as if eating a delectable, exotic fruit whose  nourishment lingers long after it has been ingested.

Robert Dorsett studied Chinese at the Yale-in-China Program at the Chinese University in Hong Kong. He received an M.D. degree from the State University of New York and completed his training in pediatrics at Cornell. He also has an M.F.A. degree from New York University. With David Pollard, he translated the memoirs of Gao Ertai, In Search of My Homeland: A Memoir of a Chinese Labor Camp. He has also published his own poetry in The Literary Review, The Kenyon Review, Poetry, and elsewhere. This is his second book of translations.

Neal Grace grew up in Massachusetts and later traveled around the world. His life has been synonymous with adventure and discovery. Loving nature, art, music and theater, Grace has used these facets of life to form a powerful, deep and passionate philosophy how to live authentically. He lives with his wonderful wife Jacky in San Rafael.

Start: 9:30 am
End: 11:30 am

Eight Thursdays: May 1-June 26 (no class 5/29) • 9:30-11:30 am • $250



In this class, you will learn enough essential German to get around. Menus, maps, and other situational exercises will be used to practice comprehension. No previous knowledge of German is necessary.

Hamid Emami has a Master’s from the University of Hamburg, and he is fluent in German, English, French, Spanish, and Farsi. He has taught German for many years.


Start: 12:45 pm
End: 2:30 pm

Five Thursdays: May 1-June 5 (no class 5/15) • 12:45-2:30 pm • $160



Students will continue to study basic Italian grammar as well as present and past tense. Textbook is Studio Italiano. Gisella Petrone has a Master’s degree from the University of Calabria. She has taught English, Italian, Latin, Roman History, and Italian cooking.


Start: 7:00 pm

Read an excerpt!

People tell Bob Mankoff that as the cartoon editor of The New Yorker he has the best job in the world. Never one to beat around the bush, that because he is also a cartoonist at the magazine he actually has two of the best jobs in the world. With the help of myriad images and his funniest, most beloved cartoons, he traces his love of the craft all the way back to his childhood, when he started doing funny drawings at the age of eight. After meeting his mother, we follow his unlikely stints as a high-school basketball star, draft dodger, and Sociology grad student. Though Mankoff abandoned the study of psychology in the seventies to become a cartoonist, he recently realized that the field he abandoned could help him better understand the field he was in, and here he takes up the psychology of cartooning, analyzing why some cartoons make us laugh and others don't. He allows us into the hallowed halls of The New Yorker to show us the process of cartoon creation, giving us a detailed look not only at his own work, but that of the other talented cartoonists who keep us laughing week after week. For desert, he reveals the secrets to winning the magazine's caption contest. Throughout How About Never--Is Never Good for You?: My Life in Cartoons ($32.50), we see his commitment to the motto “Anything worth saying is worth saying funny.”

Bob Mankoff is the cartoon editor for The New Yorker. Before that, he was a cartoonist for the magazine for twenty years. He founded the online Cartoon Bank, which has every cartoon since the magazine's founding. He is the author of the book The Naked Cartoonist: A New Way to Enhance Your Creativity.



Start: 12:30 pm

A tour de force of groundbreaking reportage by Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Jo Becker, Forcing the Spring: Inside the Fight for Marriage Equality ($27.95) follows the historic legal challenge mounted against California’s ban on same-sex marriage, a remarkable lawsuit that forced the issue of marriage equality before the highest court in the land. For nearly five years Becker embedded with the lawsuit’s plaintiffs, was given free rein within the legal and political war rooms, and attended every day of the trial and every appellate argument. Based on singular access to the internal workings of this momentous trial—and enlivened by original interviews with the participants on both sides of the case—this work offers a gripping behind-the-scenes narrative.

What starts out as a tale of an epic legal battle grows into the story of the evolution of a country, a testament and old-fashioned storytelling to move public opinion. Becker shows how the country reexamined its opinions on same-sex marriage, an issue that raced along with a snowballing velocity which astounded veteran political operatives, as public opinion on same-sex marriage flipped and elected officials repositioned themselves to adjust to a dramatically changed environment. 

A must-read account of a national civil rights struggle, Becker carries readers from the first efforts to stop Proposition 8 and the campaign to undermine the Defense of Marriage Act, all the way to the final suspenseful moments in the Supreme Court. Clear-eyed and even-handed, this work is political and legal journalism at its finest, offering an unvarnished perspective on the extraordinary transformation of America and an inside look into the fight to win the rights of marriage and full citizenship for all.

Jo Becker is a Pulitzer Prize–winning investigative reporter for the New York Times, where she has broken stories on everything from the United States’ lethal program to kill suspected terrorists, to the British phone-hacking affair and the Penn State child sexual abuse scandal. She has taught investigative journalism as a visiting professor at Princeton University, and her work has earned her numerous awards. A Washington Post series she co-authored on Vice President Dick Cheney won the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting.


Start: 7:00 pm

Troika ($25.95) tells the story of Perla, a beautiful young Cuban-American woman who lives with her mother in a modest house in Miami’s Little Havana. After her father’s death, she finds herself leading a secret life.

Julian is from Russia. His father was a legendary Siberian hunter who fell victim to his own bravery. When Julian is forced into an orphanage, he discovers that he has more in common with his father than he originally thought. 

Taken under the wing of a gruff, elderly businessman, Julian makes his way to New York City . . . and, years later, into the club where Perla is dancing. Soon after they meet, Perla is on a plane to Manhattan at the mysterious request of Julian’s friend—a journey that will change the course of her life.
Adam Pelzman has been a software entrepreneur, an attorney, and a private investigator. He studied Russian literature at the University of Pennsylvania and received a law degree from UCLA. He lives in New York City with his son. Troika is his first novel.

Start: 9:00 am
End: 5:00 pm
Saturday, May 3 • Marin & San Francisco stores
Book Passage is thrilled to celebrate the inaugural California Bookstore Day with a full slate of activities, author events, and limited edition items for sale. Come early to either of our locations to score the thirteen limited edition items available in-store at California independent bookstores exclusively on May 3 (see list below). We’re also welcoming Katherine Applegate (contributor to Do You Smell Carrots?), Dave Eggers (signing his Litograph tote bag), a drawing booth with acclaimed illustrator LeUyen Pham, a “Draw Your Own Three-Panel Book Review” station, all-ages poetry writing with Karen Benke, free carrots at our Ferry Building store (with purchase of Do You Smell Carrots?), and soapbox readings from staff and customers throughout the day. Come support your local independent bookstore and join us for the literary party of the year! 
Corte Madera Schedule
9:00 am
-Complimentary pastries and coffee
-Andrea Alban puppet show
-Limited edition items go on sale!
10:00 am
-LeUyen Pham drawing booth
-Karen Benke on-the-spot poetry
11:00 am
-Signing/reading with Katherine Applegate & Michael Grant
-Café special from Michael Pollan recipe
12:00 pm
-Literary Trivia with prizes!
3:00 pm
-Dave Eggers signing
Ferry Building Schedule
8:00 am
-Limited edition items go on sale!
11:00 am
-Signing with Bravo’s Jenni Pulos
12:00 pm
-Signing with Phil Cousineau 
12:30 pm
-Meet and Greet with Erin Gleeson
2:00 pm
-Grotto Writers soapbox readings
3:00 pm
-McSweeney’s Bookstories reading & signing with Colin Winnette, Jordan Karnes, & Daniel Levin Becker 
Limited Edition Items
-The Don DeLillo Bad Citizen Graffiti Stencil
-Depressed. Repressed. Obsessed. 3-Panel Book Reviews by Lisa Brown
-A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius Tote Bag from Litographs (featuring over 18,000 words from the memoir)
-“The Bookish Life” Poster autographed by Lemony Snicket
-Special Edition of Congratulations, By the Way by George Saunders, signed and doodled in by the author
-Do You Smell Carrots: A Joke Book for Kids, featuring jokes from Lemony Snicket, Jeff Kinney, Katherine Applegate & more!
- “A Literary Map of California” print from 3 Fish Studios
-Recipes (with recipe box) from the personal kitchen of Michael Pollan
-Bookstories from McSweeney’s Writers
-Signed Hugo lithograph from author Brian Selznick
-Classic California Box Set featuring new editions of Ask the Dust, Tales from the City, Hollywood, and Get Shorty
- “Punk Rock Writers” blank illustrated journal from Wendy MacNaughton
-The Sleeper and the Spindle, a limited bound and illustrated original short story from Neil Gaiman 
Learn more about these items at and on Twitter @bookstoreday

Start: 10:00 am
End: 1:00 pm

Sat., May 3 • 10:00-1:00 pm • $30



Whether you’re looking for a system to deal with paper, the mail, lost keys, or stacks and piles of “stuff,” or are finally ready to break free from clutter for good, you’ll find answers in this interactive, entertaining workshop. You’ll learn practical ways to stay organized and have time for the things that really matter.

10% discount on the book Unstuff Your Life!.


Start: 10:00 am
End: 1:00 pm

This class has been cancelled - for further information, please call (415) 927-0960

Like the toymaker, we enter the workshop of our imaginations to carve out something that will come to life. We will tinker with our imaginations and play with many forms—perhaps elongating your lines into prose, shortening your piece into poetry, or playing with sound in metric verse.

Terri Glass has been actively teaching creative writing to both children and adults in the Bay Area for over 20 years. She served as Program Director for California Poets in the Schools.


Start: 11:00 am
Jenni Pulos, from Bravo's Flipping Out and Interior Therapy, pens a charming memoir-advice book on how to survive (and thrive) in any situation. She has specialized in a lifetime of disappointments. She’s been publicly humiliated, dumped by her spouse on national television, told she’d never make it in Hollywood, encouraged by her family with inspiring questions like, "when are you getting a real job?" and has not only survived but thrived as a result. Despite her struggles and setbacks, Jenni has gone from a "wannabe" aspiring actress and comedian to becoming one of Bravo's most beloved personalities. 

In her witty, entertaining voice, Jenni explains how to take what life throws at you and not just bear it, but bear it with a grin. Hilarity meets insanity in this fun and candid story of her life and career, where Jenni went from victim to victor…well, most of the time. Grin and Bear It ($24.99) is the spark we all need to ignite our passion, to get out there and be positive, find the funny in life, be present, and learn how to be happy no matter what reality throws your way.
Jenni Pulos is co-star and consulting producer of Bravo's Flipping Out and co-star and co-executive producer of Bravo's new show Interior Therapy. More than a television personality, Pulos is an actress, comedian, writer, producer, lyricist, and rapper.

Laura Morton is the author of more than thirty-five books, including eighteen New York Times bestsellers.
Start: 12:30 pm

Meet and Greet with Erin Gleeson during the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market

Erin Gleeson made her dream a reality when she left New York City and moved into a tiny cabin in a California forest in order to be closer to nature. The natural beauty of her surroundings and the abundance of local produce serve as the inspiration for The Forest Feast: Simple Vegetarian Recipes from My Cabin in the Woods ($35.00), based on her popular blog. Most of the book’s 100 wholly vegetarian recipes call for only three or four ingredients and require very few steps, resulting in dishes that are fresh, wholesome, delicious, and stunning. Among the wonderful recipes are eggplant tacos with brie and cilantro, rosemary shortbread, and blackberry negroni. Vibrant photographs, complemented by Gleeson’s own fanciful watercolor illustrations and hand lettering, showcase the rustic simplicity of the dishes. Part cookbook, part art book, this delightful work will be as comfortable in the kitchen as on the coffee table.

Photographer and artist Erin Gleeson lives in an idyllic cabin near San Francisco, California, where she paints beautiful watercolors, cooks from her CSA box, and writes her beloved food blog, The Forest Feast, and a weekly “Delish Dish” column for Better Homes and Gardens. She has garnered attention from Design*Sponge, Food 52, Bon Appétit, and Saveur.

Start: 1:00 pm

Hope. Freedom. Compassion. Action. That is what this book is about.

Make a Stand: When Life Gives You Lemons Change the World! ($18.99) is written by 10-year old, Marin- native, Vivienne Harr, a.k.a. "The Little Lemonpreneur." It is a beautiful and inspiring book about how big things have small beginnings. Vivienne's message in this book is: "You don't have to be big or powerful to change the world. You can be just like me!"

When Vivienne was eight years old, she saw a photo that changed her life. Lisa Kristine’s photo of child slaves in Nepal inspired her to take  action, and her moment became a movement. Helped by her family, Vivienne sold lemonade to raise money for those children. “No price, just pay what’s in your heart,” she would  say. In this book, you will learn how Vivienne sold lemonade every day, rain or shine for 365 days in a row; what inspired her; how it came together; and no matter who you are, where you live, or how old you are, YOU can change the world. This charming, engaging and lovingly-crafted book will delight you and your children. When you finish it, you'll leave with a strong feeling that anything is possible. Five percent of sales for each book will be given to anti-slavery organizations.

Vivienne Harr has won numerous awards for her work, including the George H.W. Bush Point of Light Award and the Crowdfunding Campaign of 2012. Town & Country recognized Vivienne one of the 50 Most Influential Philanthropists in America, along with Leonado Dicaprio, Michael Bloomberg and Laurene Jobs. She is the youngest to make the list—by 10 years. Vivienne is also an honorary member of the World Affairs Council after having introduced Twitter CEO Dick Costolo at his award dinner. As of December 5, 2013, Vivienne Harr is the youngest-ever featured speaker at a Tedx Talk.


Start: 4:00 pm

Co-sponsored by Gluten Intolerance Group of Marin

An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from some form of autoimmune disease. If you're among them, you may know all too well how little modern medicine can do to alleviate your condition. But that's no reason to give up hope. In this groundbreaking book, The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease, Heal Your Body ($39.95), Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D., draws upon current medical research and her own battle with an autoimmune disorder to show how you can become completely symptom-free—the natural way.

This book shows you how to adapt the Paleo diet and lifestyle to bring about a full recovery. Read it to learn why foods marketed as "healthy"—such as whole grains, soy, and low-fat dairy—can contribute to the development of autoimmune conditions. Discover what you can eat to calm your immune system, resolve inflammation, and help your body heal itself. Learn which simple lifestyle changes—along with changes in diet—will make the biggest difference for your health.

The Paleo Approach Cookbook: A Detailed Guide to Heal Your Body and Nourish Your Soul ($39.95) walks you through which foods you should eat to calm your immune system, reduce inflammation, and help your body heal itself. There’s no need to worry that “going Paleo” will break the bank or require too much time in the kitchen preparing special foods. This book provides expert tips on how to make the switch easily and economically. Dr. Ballantyne explains how to stay within your food budget, how to make the best use of your time in the kitchen, and where to shop for what you need. Complete food lists, shopping guides, kitchen techniques, and meal plans take the guesswork out of eating to maximize healing. Armed with more than 150 delicious recipes, from breakfast staples to decadent desserts, you can reverse your disease and love every bite!

Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D., earned her doctorate degree in Medical Biophysics. She spent the next four years doing research on innate immunity and inflammation. After her second daughter was born, she began to experiment with the Paleo lifestyle, which had an amazing effect on her health. Over time, she healed herself of a long laundry list of physical complaints including the autoimmune disorder, Lichen Planus. Inspired by her success, Dr. Ballantyne created the popular health blog and became co-host of a top-rated podcast, The Paleo View. Her ability to provide straightforward explanations of the science behind her recommendations, plus her love of food and cooking, form the foundations of The Paleo Approach.


Start: 7:00 pm
Nothing But The Truth So Help Me God: 73 Women on Life’s Transitions is the highly anticipated follow up to Nothing But The Truth So Help Me God: 51 Women Reveal the Power of Positive Female Connection. From becoming a mother to dealing with religion, recovery from disease and addiction to starting a business, this new anthology of essays and art sheds light on all the times along our evolution when changes shake us up and make us who we are.

73 Women on Life’s Transitions features work from NY Times best-selling authors Kelly Corrigan and Gabrielle Bernstein, notable trailblazers like Belva Davis and Rita Henley Jensen, esteemed businesswomen like Janet Hanson and social entrepreneurs like Megan Calhoun, as well as many new women, eager to share how transitions in their lives brought them unexpected gifts, lessons, and growth.

Nothing But The Truth So Help Me God: 73 Women on Life’s Transitions is the handbook for all women to know they are not alone as they navigate through the many transitions we go through in life.
Readers at the event will include Dolores Coleman, Claire Hennessy, Shasta Nelson, Valerie Singer, Amy Hyde, Lauretta Zucchetti, Terry Harms, Ginny Graves, Cristhal Bennett, and Barbara Libby, who will be showing her art.

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