Moby Dick (Paperback)

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By Herman Melville, Enrique Pezzoni (Translator)
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Moby Dick, la novela que William Faulkner hubiera querido escribir, ha
alcanzado el reconocimiento y el elogio constante que merece una
construccion narrativa impecable. La lucha del capitan Ahab, su terrible
obsesion y la mitica persecucion de la enorme ballena han traspasado
fronteras, consiguiendo asi la indiscutible categoria de obra maestra de
la literatura universal.
-Moby Dick es el paradigma novelistico de lo sublime: un logro fuera de
lo comun.-
HAROLD BLOOM ENGLISH DESCRIPTION With an Introduction and Notes by David Herd. Lecturer in English and American Literature at the University of Kent at Canterbury Moby-Dick is the story of Captain Ahab's quest to avenge the whale that 'reaped' his leg. The quest is an obsession and the novel is a diabolical study of how a man becomes a fanatic. But it is also a hymn to democracy. Bent as the crew is on Ahab's appalling crusade, it is equally the image of a co-operative community at work: all hands dependent on all hands, each individual responsible for the security of each. Among the crew is Ishmael, the novel's narrator, ordinary sailor, and extraordinary reader. Digressive, allusive, vulgar, transcendent, the story Ishmael tells is above all an education: in the practice of whaling, in the art of writing.

About the Author

Herman Melville was an American novelist, poet, and lecturer best known for his classic novel Moby-Dick, as well as for his short fiction "Bartleby, the Scrivener," and the unfinished "Billy Budd, Sailor." Educated as a teacher and later as an engineer, Melville s writing was heavily influenced by his time aboard the whaling ship Acushnet, and his month-long captivity by Typee natives on Nuka Hiva island. Although Melville experienced success early in his writing career, public indifference to his masterpiece, Moby-Dick, resulted in waning attention, and his work was almost entirely disregarded by the time of this death in 1891. Melville s work experienced a revival in the early twentieth century, and he is now considered one of the pre-eminent American writers of his time. He is also one of the most-studied novelists, and was the first writer to be collected and published by the Library of America.

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