Jason and the Argonauts (Paperback)

By Dan Whitehead, Sankha Banerjee (Illustrator)
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Jason and the Argonauts is a visually and emotionally captivating graphic novel that depicts the adventures of the famous Greek mythical hero Jason. Jason is sent by King Pelias to find the magical Golden Fleece after the King hears about it from an oracle. Jason accepts the mission and hires fifty heroes including Hercules, Peleus, and Laertes, and commissions Argos to build a large ship. During his voyage to acquire the fleece, Jason and his crew of valiant Argonauts brave danger, magic, and unusual and enchanting beings along the way.

About the Author

Dan Whitehead has almost twenty years experience writing for, and about, the entertainment industry. His other published works include the Edgar Allen Poe graphic novel Nevermore, unofficial biographies of George Clooney and Hugh Grant, as well as licensed publications such as The Official Star Wars Episode II Annual and two official Lord of the Rings movie magazines. He has been a videogames consultant for Guinness World Records, was formerly the editor of Movie Insider magazine, and has provided incisive interviews and ribald reviews for DVD & Blu-ray Review, Hotdog, Eurogamer, CHUD.com and The Big Issue In The North. He has been described as "a funny guy" by the writer of Catwoman.

Praise For…

"Maybe life is about the journey and not about the destination. That is the moral put forth in Jason and the Argonauts . . . The thing that sets Jason apart from so many other Greek heroes is that he is not a demi-god, or a child born of a god and a human. Jason is fully man, yet he manages to rally some of Greece's greatest heroes to his side (including the mighty Hercules/Heracles) for a quest that is set up to be a suicide mission at best. Jason is at times foolish and at others he is extremely clever (like when he has to outsmart some indestructible zombies- yeah, it's really in the book!). The story moves at a good pace, and loose ends tie up nicely making it feel complete. . . . an enjoyable read and goes along well with (Campfire's) Labors of Heracles graphic novel." -- John Tompkins, Children's Librarian/Graphic Novel Specialist

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ISBN: 9788190751520
ISBN-10: 8190751522
Publisher: Campfire
Publication Date: January 17th, 2012
Pages: 98
Language: English