Little Miss Steps (Paperback)

By J. Torres, Rick Burchett (Illustrator), Terry Austin (Illustrator)
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The second volume in the critically acclaimed series featuring a bright, full-hearted coming-of age-story exploring all of the challenges that come with the transition to high schoolNtold with great humor, charm, and compassion.

About the Author

J. Torres is an award-winning writer whose other graphic novels include Alison Dare, Jinx, and Power Lunch. J. lives in Whitby, Ontario.

Bitten by a radioactive typewriter, Sholly Fisch has spent tRick Burchett has worked as a comics artist for over 25 yearhe wee hours writing books, comics, TV scripts, and online ms. He has received the comics industry's Eisner Award three aterial for over 25 years. His comic book credits include motimes, Spain's Haxtur Award, and he has been nominated forEnre than 200 stories and features about characters such as Bagland's Eagle award. Rick lives with his wife and two sons ntman, Superman, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Spider-Man, and Ben ear St. Louis, Missouri. 10. Currently, he writes stories for ACTION COMICS every month, plus stories for LOONEY TUNES and SCOOBY-DOO. By day, Sholly is a mild-mannered developmental psychologist who helps to create educational TV shows, web sites, and other media for kids.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781936975419
ISBN-10: 1936975416
Publisher: Archie Comic Publications
Publication Date: June 11th, 2013
Pages: 111
Language: English