Archie: The Married Life Book 3 (Paperback)

Archie: The Married Life Book 3 Cover Image
By Paul Kupperberg, Fernando Ruiz (Illustrator), Pat Kennedy (Illustrator)
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Featuring the headline-grabbing, Eisner Award-nominated, and sold-out wedding of Kevin Keller, Archie's most popular character in years, "Archie: The Married Life Book 3" explores Archie Andrews' life down two paths--if he had married girl-next-door Betty Cooper or wealthy socialite Veronica Lodge. In this volume, things really start getting interesting, as the mysterious Dilton Doiley subplots that have been bubbling just below the surface since the series' beginning start to affect... well, everything
Nothing is ever simple for Archie Andrews In the "Archie Marries Veronica" storyline, the title relationship is facing some serious struggles. On the "Archie Marries Betty" side, Archie's trying to juggle more than his share of responsibilities... will he drop the ball? And in both storylines, Dilton and Ambrose are bringing some shocking, reality-shaking revelations to light that affect everyone in Riverdale... and possibly the world.
"Archie: The Married Life Book 3" collects issues 13-18 of the popular newsstand publication "Life with Archie Magazine.

About the Author

Paul Kupperberg has written many books for kids, like Wishbone: The Sirian Conspiracy, Powerpuff Girls: Buttercup s Terrible Temper Tantrums, and Hey, Sophie! Paul has also written over 600 comic book stories starring Superman, the Justice League, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Simpsons, Archie and Jughead, Scooby Doo, and many, many others Paul s own character creations include Arion: Lord of Atlantis, Checkmate, and Takion. He has also been an editor for DC Comics, Weekly World News, and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Pat Kennedy has spent 25 years as an executive, entrepreneur and inventor in the wireless industry. He is the founder, chairman and CEO of Cellport Systems, a research lab pioneering revolutionary technologies that enable formerly disparate devices and systems to communicate with one another. Cellport's inventions include the first universal interface between mobile phones and automobiles, the Internet-connected car, and techniques allowing formerly incompatible mobile phones, PCs, consumer electronics devices, and in-car infotainment systems to interconnect, share data and applications. Kennedy contributed to 11 of Cellport's patents. He has a BA in international economics from the University of Buffalo. He chairs the advisory board for the UB Center of Excellence on Human Capital, Technology Transfer, and Economic Growth and Development and serves on the Dean's Advisory Committee. He speaks often on inventing, patenting and global trade issues and hosts a blog at

Praise For…

"Something exciting is happening in Riverdale" --The New York Times
"An invigorating soap opera" --Booklist
"An excellent read." --Scripps Howard News
"The most fascinating Archie comic ever printed." --AOL's Comics Alliance
"The most consistently entertaining comic being written right now." --The Village Voice's Topless Robot
"Kevin, a charismatic and loved character, gives readers an image they can look up to and relate to." --GLAAD
"The most supportive and all-inclusive universe in comicdom." --Huffington Post

Product Details
ISBN: 9781936975358
ISBN-10: 1936975351
Publisher: Archie Comic Publications
Publication Date: February 26th, 2013
Pages: 320
Language: English
Series: Married Life