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Step aside, Motherit's Kristen's turn to pick the recipe and make the dinner! There's just one teensy problem: Kristen's imagination is far more developed than her cooking skills. With ingredients ranging from 400 hot dogs and 20 bags of marshmallows to a sweatshirt and a water pistol, Recipe is the laugh-out-loud chronicle of just about everything that can go wrong in a kitchen. The recipe may not end up as deliciousor even as edibleas Kristen hopes, but that's okay: the journey is often more fun than the destination. And there's a hungry raccoon in the backyard who'll eat just about anything.

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"The recipe was getting very thick. It needed water! I filled mysquirt gun full of water and took aim. I am very good at squirtguns.'MOM, ARE YOU WATCHING?'"— from the book

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ISBN: 9781936365845
ISBN-10: 1936365847
Publisher: McSweeney's Books
Publication Date: November 19th, 2013
Pages: 36
Language: English