Everything That Can Happen In A Day (Hardcover)

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Artist David Horvitz knows how to transform the mundane details of everyday life into unexpected quirks that inspire people to action. Over the course of 2009 he posted a new initiative on his blog every single day, enjoining readers to follow his lead and insert some art into everyday life. The popular blog not only inspired people to act; they also documented their actions. Everything That Can Happen In A Day features some of Horvitz's favorite ideas as well as an astonishing array of images that document people following Horvitz's cues. 

From accompanying mail carriers on their routes to fast food restaurant Tai Chi, poetry readings in ATM kiosks and sticking your head in a freezer and photographing it, this book serves as an excellent source for making sure that on any given day nothing feels ordinary.

About the Author

David Horvitz is an artist whose work adopts a nomadic personality, shifting seamlessly between the Internet and the printed page, the West Coast, East Coast, and beyond, avoiding any particular definition or medium. Born in Los Angeles and currently based in New York--although his location may change at any given moment--Horvitz frequently encourages participation from both his friends and a web-based audience for his projects, channeling the spirit of conceptual artists who reach out to a community greater than their immediate surroundings. He infuses his practice with generosity and free distribution. He is the author of" Xiu Xiu: The Polaroid Project: The Book" and a contributor to" The Open Daybook," which are available from MBP.
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ISBN: 9781935613060
Publisher: Mark Batty Publisher
Publication Date: November 30th, 2010
Pages: 128