Lines That Wiggle (Hardcover)

By Candace Whitman, Steve Wilson (Illustrator)
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Follow the line that runs through this picture book and turns itself into all kinds of things: the waves above an octopus, the veins in a leaf, the wrappings curling around a mummy, and the trapping threads of a spiderweb. Candace Whitman's catchy rhyming text is brought to life by a host of creepy critters from first-time illustrator Steve Wilson.

About the Author

Jeannine Atkins is the author of "Mary Anning and the Sea Dragon," illustrated by Michael Dooling. She lives in western Massachusetts.
Candace Whitman, author/illustrator of "Now It Is Morning" and "The Night Is Like an Animal," lives in New York City.

Steve Wilson met cobiographer Joe Florenski while researching an article on Paul Lynde for Out magazine in 2000. He ran across Florenski's Web site devoted to Lynde. Begun in 1997, the site contains exhaustive resources on Lynde, and Florenski has lent research support to both E! and A&E Biography for their segments on the comedian. Wilson and Florenski worked so well together on the piece for Out that they decided to collaborate on a book.
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ISBN: 9781934706541
ISBN-10: 193470654X
Publisher: Blue Apple Books
Publication Date: April 2009
Pages: 36
Language: English