Sudoku Plus, Volume One (Paperback)

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The puzzles in "Sudoku Plus "are conceived by Japan's greatest puzzle mind, Tetsuya Nishio, who takes extreme pleasure in handcreating his puzzles. His latest series, "Sudoku Plus" provides 101 Sudoku puzzles plus a handful of Sudoku-inspired variant puzzles
Now, after readers are through with their Sudoku puzzles, they can test out a whole new line of Nishio-created torture The continued success of Sudoku means that there's a new breed of Sudoku puzzler: experienced, resourceful, and ready for puzzles that transcend the rote specimens one encounters in the daily newspaper, online, or in mass market magazines. It is this sector of puzzle solvers that grows every day, and the sector for which Vertical has conceived its new line of Sudoku books.

About the Author

Tetsuya Nishio, world champion of number-logic puzzles, reigns as the single most important figure in Sudoku in Japan. Nishio is also the inventor of O'Ekaki, or "Paint by Numbers" puzzles.

Praise For…

"Tetsuya Nishio is the undisputed grand ‘puzzle master’ of Sudoku: a bespectacled fiend from the darkest suburbs of Tokyo who spends his every waking hour devising abominable new ways to torture our brain cells. His only weapon is logic, but, in his own words, ‘it is a knife that kills.’ His commitment to deviousness is absolute." —The Times (U.K.)"Tetsuya Nishio has one of the world's most creative puzzle-making minds. I'm a big fan." --Will Shortz, Crossword Editor, New York Times; Puzzlemaster, NPR.

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ISBN: 9781934287644
ISBN-10: 1934287644
Publisher: Vertical
Publication Date: October 13th, 2009
Pages: 142
Language: English