The Toyota Leaders: An Executive Guide (Hardcover)

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Six decades ago, Toyota was an embarrassment. Today, they are the auto- industry leader. "The Toyota Leaders: An Executive Guide "tells how they did it, and in such a way that allows readers to apply the lessons. Discover how Toyota is more than just a series of good business moves, but a culture first put into place by its founders and built on through the years. Not a corporate history, Sato uses Toyota's past to contextualize his discussion as he focuses on the company's unique business strategies.
- Find out why an innovative vehicle like the hybrid Prius came from Toyota and not the more technologically - advanced Honda.
- Learn how General Motors supplied invaluable business know-how to then-provincial Toyota in the early eighties.
- Discover why Toyota thinks giving back to Japan and the world is a smart idea.
- Learn how a national healthcare system is a good thing for business.
This is the Toyota book for entrepreneurs and executives in all industries, not just manufacturing.

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"Masaaki Sato's career as a business journalist enabled him to see firsthand much of the evolution..."-Maryanne Keller, leading auto industry analyst

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ISBN: 9781934287231
ISBN-10: 1934287237
Publisher: Vertical
Publication Date: December 16th, 2008
Pages: 336
Language: English