Little Man, What Now? (Paperback)

By Hans Fallada, Susan Bennett (Translator), Philip Brady (Afterword by)
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This is the book that led to Hans Fallada's downfall with the Nazis. The story of a young couple struggling to survive the German economic collapse was a worldwide sensation and was made into an acclaimed Hollywood movie produced by Jews, leading Hitler to ban Fallada's work from being translated.
Nonetheless, it remains, as "The Times Literary Supplement "notes, the novel of a time in which public and private merged even for those whowanted to stay at home and mind their own business."
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About the Author

Hans Fallada was an internationally bestselling German writer who, unlike his peers Mann and Brecht, remained in Germany after the Nazi take-over. After one of his books was made into a Hollywood movie with a Jewish producer, he was prevented from publishing abroad. At war's end he was incarcerated in an insane asylum, and died soon thereafter.

Susan Bennett is University Professor in the Department of English at the University of Calgary, Canada. Her interest in contemporary performances of Shakespeare's plays dates back to her 1996 monograph Performing Nostalgia: Shifting Shakespeare and the Contemporary Past. Her latest book is Theatre and Museums (2013). A current research project is concerned with the circulation of performance in global markets where Shakespeare, not surprisingly, is a premium brand. She hopes to see some of the Globe to Globe Festival performances again at different international venues and with other audiences.

Philip Brady is the author of a memoir, a collection of essays, and four books of poems WEAL (Ashland Poetry Press, 2000), TO PROVE MY BLOOD: A TALE OF EMIGRATIONS & THE AFTERLIFE (Ashland Poetry Press, 2003), FATHOM (Word Press, 2007), and TO BANQUET WITH THE ETHIOPIANS: A MEMOIR OF LIFE BEFORE THE ALPHABET (Broadstone Books, 2015). His work has been awarded the Snyder Prize from Ashland Poetry Press, a Gold Medal from ForeWord, an Ohioana Poetry Award, fiveIndividual Artist Fellowships and a Governor's Award from the Ohio Arts Council, and a Thayer Fellowship. He is executive director of Etruscan Press and professor of English at Youngstown State University. He also teaches in the low- residency program at Wilkes University. He plays in the New-Celtic band, Brady's Leap.

Praise For…

“ Fallada deserves high praise for having reported so realistically, so truthfully, with such closeness to life.” –Herman Hesse

“ Superb.” –Graham Greene

"In a publishing hat trick, Melville House allows English-language readers to sample Fallada's vertiginous variety accompanying the release of Michael Hoffman's splendid translation of Every Man Dies Alone with the simultaneous publication of excellent English versions of Fallada's two best-known novels, Little Man, What Now? (translated by Susan Bennett) and The Drinker (translated by Charlotte and A.L. Lloyd). In his probing afterword to Little Man, What Now?, Philip Brady ponders the question of why the book isn't better-known today: "Enduring success is one thing, immediate impact is something different, and clearly the immediate impact of Fallada's novel was undeniable." Given our current economic circumstances, the book may have a second chance at impact and endurance."
- New York Times Book Review

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ISBN: 9781933633640
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Publisher: Melville House Publishing
Publication Date: March 3rd, 2009
Pages: 345
Language: English