F-8 Crusader Units of the Vietnam War (Paperback)

By Peter B. Mersky, Tom Tullis (Illustrator)
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Osprey's study of the role played by F-8 Crusader Units in the Vietnam War (1955-1975). Known to its pilots as the 'last of the gunfighters' due to its quartet of Colt-Browning Mk 12 20 mm cannon, the F-8 Crusader was numerically the most populous fighter in the US Navy at the start of America's involvement in the Vietnam conflict in 1964 some 482 F-8C/D/Es equipped 17 frontline units. It enjoyed great success against North Vietnamese Mig-17s and Mig-21s during the Rolling Thunder campaign of 1965-68, officially downing 18 jets, which represented 53 per cent of all Mig claims lodged by Navy squadrons during this period.

About the Author

Peter Mersky worked in the Washington, DC area as an artist for a government agency for 13 years. He then moved to Norfolk, VA, and worked as assistant editor and editor of "Approach", the Navy and Marine Corps aviation safety magazine, for 16 years. He has been the book review editor for "Naval Aviation News", the Navy's oldest periodical, since 1982, having reviewed more than 700 books in his regular column. His reviews also appear regularly in "The Hook, Wings of Gold", and several commercial magazines.

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ISBN: 9781855327245
ISBN-10: 1855327244
Publisher: Osprey Publishing (UK)
Publication Date: August 28th, 1998
Pages: 96
Language: English
Series: Combat Aircraft