The Hunt for Pancho Villa: The Columbus Raid and Pershing's Punitive Expedition 1916-17 (Paperback)

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On March 9, 1916, troops under the command of Pancho Villa attacked Columbus, New Mexico and its local detachment of the US 13th Cavalry Regiment, killing 18 people and burning the town. Six days later, on orders from President Woodrow Wilson, General John J. "Black Jack" Pershing led an expeditionary force of 4,800 men into Mexico to capture Villa. What followed was a series of skirmishes, battles, and chases through the wild and uncharted Mexican countryside. While the Americans failed in their ultimate purpose of catching Villa, they did kill two of his top lieutenants. This book charts the progress of the entire enterprise, covering the dusty marches and the bitter gunfights in the streets of small border towns, analyzing the successes and failures of this unique military expedition.

About the Author

Alejandro M. de Quesada is the author of many articles and books on military history, including The Men of Fort Foster, Eickhorn Export Edged Weapons, and Distant Thunder. A Fellow of The Company of Military Historians, he is currently serving as Historian for the 7th Coast Guard Auxiliary District.

Donato Spedaliere was born in 1967 in Lausanne, Switzerland, and moved to Tuscany at the age of 10, where he still lives. Having studied at the Instituto Nazionale di Belle Arti in Florence he served in the Italian Army as a paratrooper.

Praise For…

"Military historian Alejandro De Quesada delivers an absorbing account of Villa's reasons for invading the United States ... the author's text is accompanied by detailed maps, grerat photographs and drawings of the personalities, weapons and equipment each side used at that time."
--Al Hemingway, Military Heritage (October 2012)

" I utterly enjoyed The Hunt for Pancho Villa. Photos, annotations, maps, sidebars, illustrations and index augment this enthralling effort. Read it with OSPREY's equally interesting The Mexican Revolution 1910-20 (Elite 137). Robustly recommended."
--David L. Veres,

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Publication Date: March 20th, 2012
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