George Washington (Paperback)

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By Mark Lardas, Graham Turner (Illustrator)
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George Washington may be one of history's most underrated commanders. Overlooked in favour of his contemporaries such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Frederick the Great, Washington's achievements are arguably more impressive. Frederick and Napoleon inherited formidable militaries, and both had extensive military training and experience prior to assuming command of armies. Washington built his army from scratch, was self-taught, and had never commanded anything larger than a regiment before assuming command of the Continental Army in 1775. This new Command title will track the development of Washington's military career from his early missteps to his heroic efforts during the Revolutionary War that led him on the path to the presidency.

About the Author

Mark Lardas is the author of numerous books on maritime and Texas history. A longtime resident of Texas, he has maintained an interest in the Texas maritime history, including shipwrecks. With generous assistance from and in cooperation with the Institute of Nautical Archeology at Texas A&M University, and numerous museums throughout the state of Texas, he has pulled together a fascinating collection of images to illustrate Texas's maritime history as seen from its shipwrecks from Cabeza de Vaca's first shipwreck in 1528 through the 21st century.

Graham Turner has led Anglican churches in the UK for over thirty years. The majority of these have been in multicultural urban communities. Through social businesses and other creative approaches he has strived to overcome injustice in all its forms while also exploring a range of Christian spiritualities to help deepen his faith and the faith of others. Before studying theology for the ordained ministry, he served an engineering apprenticeship and obtained an honours degree in electronic engineering. In 2015 he moved on from parish ministry to become a full-time chaplain at a prison in the north of England.

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"An outstanding read on an equally outstanding man and one you should not pass up." - Scott Van Aken, Modelling Madness

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Publication Date: October 18th, 2011
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