No Greater Ally: The Untold Story of Poland's Forces in World War II (Hardcover)

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There is a chapter of World War II history that remains largely untold, the story of the fourth largest allied military of the war, the only nation to have fought in the battles of Leningrad, Arnhem, Tobruk and Normandy. The story of millions of young men and women who gave everything for freedom and in the final victory lost all. In a cruel twist of history the monumental struggles of an entire nation have been forgotten, and even intentionally obscured. This book redresses the balance, giving a comprehensive overview of Poland's participation in World War II. Following their valiant but doomed defense of Poland in 1939, members of the Polish armed forces fought with the Allies wherever and however they could. With previously unpublished first-hand accounts, information never before seen in English, and rare photographs, this title provides a detailed analysis of the devastation the war brought to Poland, and the final betrayal when, having fought for freedom for six long years, Poland was handed to the Soviet Union.

About the Author

Ken Koskodan graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Communications. The emphasis of his degree was in Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations. Of Polish descent himself, he has researched Poland's participation in World War II for many years, and in the course of his research has interviewed many surviving veterans. This is his first book. The author lives in Detroit, MI.

Praise For…

"No Greater Ally is an absolutely crucial contribution to the history of the Second World War. Anybody who seeks to understand the dynamics of betrayal and resistance as they apply to this period, in Poland, in Europe, must read this book." -Alan Furst, auhor of The Polish Soldier

"This fascinating book fills a yawning gap in our knowledge of the Second
World War. By bringing in the personal reminiscences of people of all
stations, the author gives pace and immediacy to this extraordinary story."
Adam Zamoyski, author of Forgotten Few: The Polish Air Force in World War II

This book should prove to be interesting to any WW2 history enthusiast who yearns to learn more about Poland and the Polish people in the war." -C Peter Chen, (June 2009)

"Koskodan presents a moving history of the long Polish involvement in World War II, with many details of the brigades, air squadrons, and infantry divisions under the Home Army or with Allied Forces... [He] has shown the bravery and undaunted spirit of the Polish people. He has provided details of the Home Army, the Polish Air Force, the many cavalry and infantry divisions, their battles in Europe and Africa and a history of the atrocities of the Polish population as well as testimonials from twelve Polish people. They were soldiers, school-girls, boy scouts, farmers, doctors and lawyers, determined to aid in saving their nation and their lives." -Florence Waszkelelwicz, Clowes, Polish American Journal (June 2009)

"I hadn’t realised, before reading this outstanding book, just how crucial the Polish contribution to our victory actually was. If it hadn’t been for their pilots, for instance, we might well have lost the Battle of Britain: on some days, Fighter Command could scramble only 350 pilots, of which 100 were Poles..." -Henry Coningsby, Waterstones (July 2009)

"Kenneth K. Koskodan’s book No Greater Ally: The Untold Story of Poland’s Forces in World War II covers every aspect of Poland’s contributions during the war. It is the perfect starting point for learning about that nation’s struggle during those dark days. It gives an overview of all the major Polish operations during the war as well as the betrayal they suffer at the hands of their friends and allies at the end of the war." - Historia Infinitus (November 2009)

"Koskodan spent years researching his subject, which included many hours of interviews with Polish veterans, and his immensely readable book is a giant leap towards an increased understanding of the incredible and heartbreaking story of the Polish contributions to the Allied cause during WWII." -Kathryn Attwood, (December 2009)

"Whether you are a historian or modeler, No Greater Ally is a captivating book. With the amount of authoritative detailed information, clarity of delivery, and abundance of supporting photographs and images, Poland’s fight for liberation is an educating and fascinating book." -Frederick Boucher, Armorama

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ISBN: 9781846033650
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
Publication Date: June 23rd, 2009
Pages: 304