US Strategic Defense Missile Systems 1950-2004 (Paperback)

US Strategic Defense Missile Systems 1950-2004 Cover Image
By Mark Berhow, Nikolai Bogdanovic (Editor), Chris Taylor (Illustrator)
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For 40 years following the end of World War II, the Western democratic governments and the Eastern Bloc Communist powers were locked in the ideological, political, and economic struggle of the Cold War. The United States and the Soviet Union developed missile systems capable of delivering conventional and nuclear explosives against enemy massed bomber formations in the air, and of delivering retaliatory nuclear payloads against ground targets located on distant continents. The missile systems played both a defensive role, and a potential offensive role, which was parlayed to the public as deterrence against attack by the rival bloc. This title provides a detailed overview of the fixed-launch-site strategic missile systems of the United States.

About the Author

Chris Taylor is an award-winning journalist based in New York City. A native of Vancouver, Canada, he was a senior writer with SmartMoney, The Wall Street Journal's personal-finance magazine, and has been published in The Financial Times, Money, Best Life, Esquire, Reader's Digest, and US News & World Report. He has won journalism prizes from the National Press Club, the Deadline Club, and the National Association of Real Estate Editors. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Line Jean-Louis and their son Zachary.
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