Go!games Super Colossal Book of Sudoku: 365 Great Puzzles (Paperback)

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Who wants to go a day without Sudoku? No one especially not fans of these highly addictive and entertaining puzzles. They do their brain-sharpening, mind-melting daily workout to stay in top mental shape. And now they can have it, thanks to this colossal collection with a whopping 365 Sudoku; one for every single day of the year.
Logic is all that you need to begin playing, because the puzzles start with simple grids sized only 3 x 3 and numbers that go from 1 to 9. They re great for novices or anyone in need of a refresher. But as you move further into the book, the mini-Sudoku grow and become maxi, with larger frames, numbers ranging from 1 to 12, and a more exciting challenge to offer solvers.
In addition to the grids, an introduction provides helpful tips and hints, including four sure-fire strategies for solving every one of the Sudoku, no matter what the level.

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ISBN: 9781623540012
ISBN-10: 1623540011
Publisher: Imagine Publishing
Publication Date: August 2013
Pages: 410
Language: English