The Alienist (Paperback)

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A classic work of literature by “the greatest author ever produced in Latin America.” (Susan Sontag)
Brilliant physician Simão Bacamarte sacrifices a prestigious career to return home and dedicate himself to the budding field of psychology. Bacamarte opens the first asylum in Brazil hoping to crown himself and his hometown with “imperishable laurels.” But the doctor begins to see signs of insanity in more and more of his neighbors. . . .

With dark humor and sparse prose, The Alienist lets the reader ponder who is really crazy.


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About the Author

Machado de Assis is the main name of Brazilian literature in the XIX century. He created some of the best known realist novels of his time. Machado also wrote poetry, short stories, and plays. His work has endured the passing of generations, while maintaining the intelligence and literary qualities that made his books a classic of world literature.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781612191072
ISBN-10: 161219107X
Publisher: Melville House Publishing
Publication Date: August 28th, 2012
Pages: 64
Language: English