Sci-Fi Baby Names: 500 Out-Of-This-World Baby Names from Anakin to Zardoz (Paperback)

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Boldly Go Where No Parent Has Gone Before
Here are 500 out-of-this-world baby names from classic science-fiction movies, books, and television shows. Choose James to honor the captain of the starship Enterprise. Choose Leia or Leah to salute the sister of Luke Skywalker. Choose Neo to celebrate the ultra-cool messiah from The Matrix. Hardcore fans can go even further with exotic names such as Barbarella, Beldar, Jor-El, and Tron (just don't send us the therapy bills).
Arranged by category for quick reference--with chapters such as Power Names, Feminine Names, and Intellectual Names--"Sci-Fi Baby Names" is a terrific gift for expecting parents and a wonderful roll call of our favorite science fiction characters.

About the Author

Robert Schnakenberg has been called "the Howard Zinn of nerd pop culture." He is the author of more than a dozen books, including Old Man Drinks, Christopher Walken A-to-Z, Secret Lives of Great Authors, and The Encyclopedia Shatnerica-the world's first A-to-Z guide to the life and career of William Shatner. His work has appeared in Penthouse, The American Writer, and Real People; and online at Alternet, HoleCity, Mental Floss, and
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