Rocky Mountain Gardener's Handbook (Paperback)

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"Rocky Mountain Gardener's Handbook" includes 300 plant profiles organized under ten plant categories, from annuals to vines. Each plant profile page includes three recommended plants, with full-color images, helpful icons for sun and shade requirements, and planting and growing information. Twelve months of around-the-garden maintenance information for each plant category assists the gardener with what to do to maintain a Rocky Mountain garden in the states of Colorado, Montana, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming. Includes helpful charts, illustrations, and full-color plant images.

About the Author

Mary Ann Newcomer has gained a regional following with her blog, She is starting her seventh season as the Dirt Diva on a local radio station. She is an accomplished horticulturist, garden designer, and the former President of the Idaho Botanical Garden. In 2011, the American Horticulture Society highlighted her accomplishments in the American Gardener Magazine as a "member who makes a difference." She lives in Boise, ID.

John Cretti has made it his goal to provide the best gardening information to residents of Colorado and the Rockies using many forms of media. He not only hosts the popular "The Winter Gardener" on HGTV, but is also the Gardening Expert for Channel 7 NEWS in Denver. Along with his wife, Jeri, John hosts "John & Jeri's Garden Talk" on KHOW-AM 630, which is broadcast across the state. He has served as editor for Flower and Garden Magazine and Horticulture Magazine, and authored The Colorado Gardener's Guide.
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ISBN: 9781591865407
ISBN-10: 1591865409
Publisher: Cool Springs Press
Publication Date: November 30th, 2012
Pages: 272
Language: English