Finding God in a Galaxy Far, Far Away: A Spiritual Exploration of the Star Wars Saga (Paperback)

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Nothing in Your Life Is Ordinary
Your present world isn t supposed to be this small. You were made for something much bigger. And no, you don t have to be an astronaut, or even a "Star Wars" fan, to live it. "Finding God in a Galaxy Far, Far Away" is not about space travel, or even a movie. It's about rediscovering your sense of wonder something we adults have successfully squelched from our everyday lives. But God never meant it to be that way. Timothy Jones, by way of an astounding, eye-opening study of the spiritual parallels found in the Star Wars saga, will make you a kid again. You ll be marveling at the mysterious, laughing anew at life's coincidences, and remembering above all the Creator for which you were made.
May the True Force Be with You
Remember when "Star Wars" first captured your imagination? How your longing for adventure propelled you to distant worlds and transformed you into a Jedi knight faster than you could say, Luke, I am your father ?
This same longing, once sparked by John Williams's triumphant score and fanned by Darth Vader's sweeping black cape, is your ticket to life's greatest adventure.
Join Timothy Paul Jones on an astounding, eye-opening exploration of the spiritual themes in the "Star Wars "saga and the truth will become clear: Like young Luke Skywalker, you were also made for more "much" more.
Rediscover "awe." Revel in the wonder of every moment. And pursue all you were meant to be. It is your destiny.

"The Force is strong with this one. I could not recommend it more."
Joshua Griffin, Editor/Owner, TheForce.Net
Manager, Purpose Driven Youth Ministry
If you own a lightsaber or a Bible you re sure to benefit from reading his book.
Kevin Miller, author and reviewer
" "
Awe-some reading that both delights and challenges us. A fun and thoughtful book for Christians who consider and enjoy popular culture and media.
Robert W. Pazmino
Valeria Stone Professor of Christian Education, Andover Newton Theological School
Story Behind the Book
The night I first saw "Star Wars" from the backseat of my parents Ford Pinto was the first night I experienced "awe." It sent me on a quest that continues today. There is, in every one of us, a longing to touch the forever, to sense the magnitude of the vastness in which we live. This universal longing explains why we ride roller coasters and tell scary stories. This universal longing for awe also explains why, after nearly thirty years, the popularity of the Star Wars saga shows no sign of subsiding. I wrote this book to inspire readers to relish awe and wonder because God did not only create us to "long for" awe, but also to "live" in it
Timothy Jones.

About the Author

Timothy Jones is pastor of the rapidly-growing First Baptist Church of Rolling Hills on the outskirts of Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has served as visiting professor of biblical languages at Oklahoma Baptist University and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Timothy speaks regularly at engagements across the country. He and his wife, Rayann, have been married for eleven years and are the adoptive parents of a seven-year-old Romanian orphan, Hannah.
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Publication Date: October 3rd, 2005
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