Taking Care of Business DVD: Finding God at Work (DVD-Video)

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What Does the Boss Have to Say?

Work. For most people, it’s a necessity. For some, it’s a passion. And for others, it’s a four-letter word to be avoided as much as possible. In this DVD and accompanying study guide from North Point Resources, readers will come to grasp the one perspective on work that really matters: God’s. He ordained it and He laid out specific guidelines enabling workers to achieve maximum success and fulfillment. In each session, Andy Stanley offers insights on common, specific problem areas people have, from dealing with coworkers and superiors, to boldly living the Christian faith, to balancing work and family.

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Work. For most people, it’s a necessity. For some, it’s a passion. And for others, it’s a four-letter word to be avoided when possible.

But for all of us, only one perspective on work really matters: God’s. He ordained it and He laid out specific guidelines for us to achieve maximum success and fulfillment while on the job. In this six-part DVD, Andy Stanley addresses specific problem areas we’re all familiar with—from dealing with coworkers and superiors while exemplifying Christ, to balancing our work and home life.

This DVD is enhanced with curriculum study sessions that can be used for small groups or individual study. Each session includes 15–20 minutes of teaching followed by several discussion questions. The DVD is designed to work with the Taking Care of Business Study Guide, which will equip you to integrate your faith and work.


Taking Care of Business: Finding God at Work

Part 1: Meet the Boss

Man’s first responsibility was work. It is a reflection of the nature and image of God. How we perform at work is as important as where we work. And when our hearts are in it, God can bless it!

Part 2: Current Economic Indicators

How do we deal with unethical practices at work? Quests for security, recognition, and progress tempt us to operate under different ethical standards at work than in our personal lives. This segregated living causes the loss of three things over time: moral authority, self-respect, and the opportunity to experience what God wants to accomplish through us.

Part 3: The Corner Office

Employees want a person worth following. And as a bosses or supervisors, we are responsible for the people God has entrusted to us. By bringing our Christian values into the workplace, we can create great environments that could change our employees’ lives.

Part 4: Going Public

Christianity is not supposed to be personal and private; we are to be lights in the darkness. Our light shines best when our character reflects God’s. People will see that our faith is about a relationship, not a religion.

Part 5: Paying Your Dues

God has established authority and He works through it to direct and protect us. He often uses nonspiritual or unjust authority to accomplish His will. Our response to authority is our response to God.

Part 6: Leaving Early

Each day we decide how to spend our time. But because there is rarely enough time to do everything that needs getting done, some things get cheated. We need to learn to trust God to fill in the gaps at work and begin to give our loyalty to those at home.

Story Behind the Book

A new addition to the North Point Resources brand group from a series taught by Andy Stanley at North Point Community Church .

About the Author

Andy Stanley is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and the founding pastor of North Point Community Church in Atlanta , Georgia , with a youthful congregation of more than 12,000. Andy is the author of the 1998 Foreword Book of the Year finalist Visioneering, the bestsellers Like a Rock and The Next Generation Leader, and the recent How Good Is Good Enough? Andy and his wife, Sandra, have two sons and a daughter.

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ISBN: 9781590524923
Publisher: Multnomah Books
Publication Date: June 30th, 2005