Journey of Your Soul: A Channel Explores the Michael Teachings (Paperback)

By Shepherd Hoodwin, John Friedlander (Foreword by), Jon Klimo (Foreword by)
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Even at birth, everyone is unique. Can heredity alone account for the complex differences in people's temperaments and styles? The Michael teachings, an extraordinary body of channeled work, propose that we are each unique souls who deliberately take on a specific combination of traits to give us the experiences we seek. In this fascinating book, Shepherd Hoodwin expertly discusses these teachings from his vantage point as a Michael channel.

"Michael" is a group of souls who teach that we are eternal beings journeying from the Tao and back again in an adventure of exploration and creativity. Each step along the way, we make choices that shape our experience. For example, after committing to a series of lifetimes, we choose one of seven roles, or soul types: server, priest, artisan, sage, warrior, king, or scholar.

These teachings address many age-old questions, such as "How did we become who we are?" "Why are we here?" "Where are we going?" and "How does the universe work?" In addition, Journey of Your Soul sheds light on the channeling process itself, answering questions such as "How does channeling work?" "Why do different channels receive conflicting information?" and "What does it take to become a channel?" Hoodwin shows us that it is possible, and indeed beneficial, to engage all parts of the human consciousness. His unique analytical approach to channeling will help readers gain a firm intellectual understanding of what is involved.

In his foreword, Jon Klimo, PhD, author of Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources, says, "Shepherd Hoodwin has given us one of the best books to date about the phenomenon of channeling. Journey of Your Soul may well also be the best of the Michael books due to its clarity, thoroughness, and detail, and thanks to the fact that the author, an exceptionally clearheaded Michael channel himself, brings real integrity and authenticity to our understanding of Michael in particular and to the channeling process in general."

About the Author

Hoodwin is a Laguna Beach, California channel, intuitive, workshop leader and teacher. He also does past-life therapy, counseling, and channeling coaching (teaches others to channel).

John Friedlander graduated from Duke University and Harvard Law School, and studied with Lewis Bostwick at the Berkeley Psychic Institute in California. He is a popular speaker and seminar leader in psychic awareness. John and his wife currently live in Saline, MI.

Jon Klimo, Ph.D., is an associate professor of psychology at the American Schools of Professional Psychology (ASPP) at Argosy University in California. He is the author of "Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources," first published in 1987 and expanded into a new edition published by North Atlantic Books in 1998, and co-author of "Suicide: What really happens in the afterlife?"

Praise For…

“Michael is the kind of guide whose consciousness is much larger than any human’s.… When I read Shepherd Hoodwin’s earlier edition of this book, I had already read many Michael books.… But it wasn’t until I encountered Hoodwin’s descriptions of the Michael attributes that they came alive.”
—John Friedlander, coauthor of Psychic Psychology: Energy Skills for Life and Relationships

“Shepherd Hoodwin has given us one of the best books to date about the phenomenon of channeling. In particular, he has given us a meticulous presentation of the information channeled from the source known as Michael.… [T]he author, an exceptionally clear-headed Michael channel himself, brings real integrity and authenticity to our understanding of Michael in particular and to the channeling process in general.”
—Jon Klimo, Ph.D., coauthor of Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources and Handbook to the Afterlife

Journey of Your Soul is easy to read and understand for beginners, yet it contains lots of detailed information not found anywhere else for the advanced student. It’s an essential source book for anyone interested in the Michael teachings.”
—Emily Baumbach, author of Michael’s Cast of Characters

"Hoping to present channeling and clear up misconceptions of the practice, Journey of Your Soul is a must for spiritual readers looking for another way to understand themselves."
Midwest Book Review

"Journey of Your Soul is a dense, yet highly informative and intriguing book that may inspire readers to look into their own Michael chart."
New Conciousness Review

Praise for the first edition

 "Shepherd Hoodwin shines an expert light on the subject of channeling and the fascinating teachings of the entity known as Michael. In this excellent book, you will find an absolutely clear and comprehensive discussion of channeling—what it is, how it happens, what it means." —Leading Edge Review

 "The Journey of Your Soul may very well become a New Age classic. It is a beautifully written and distinguished primer for both the beginner and the more advanced spiritual follower."
—The Book Reader

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