Unknown Capoeira: Secret Techniques of the Original Brazilian Martial Art (Paperback)

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Capoeira, a fascinating hybrid of martial art, game, and dance, has long captivated practitioners in all those areas of interest worldwide. Originating in Brazil, the form has been traced back to the 16th century, created and developed by slaves brought from Africa. Written by a legendary master, Unknown Capoeira examines the form as the complete martial art, including its history, music, dance, and folklore. The game, or jogo, at capoeira's center is presented in close detail, including demonstrations of the graceful moves and gravity-defying acrobatics that make up this rhythmical dance-fight in the roda, a circle made of capoeiristas within which capoeira is performed.
Designed as a comprehensive resource of linked information and techniques, so that the capoeirista or the researcher can benefit most from reading the whole book, Unknown Capoeira features special sections that outline the objective of each technique, how to practice each technique alone, the main points of impact, and the defense and counterattack strategies. The book is intended for capoeiristas of all skill levels.

About the Author

Mestre Ricardo Cachorro is a red-cord graduate from Grupo Bantus de Capoeira at Morro do Pavao e Pavaozinho. The first Master of the YMCA Capoeira Group in Governor s Island in 1975, he became a certified Mestre the next year and introduced capoeira in a live TV show filmed in Winston-Salem, NC. He lives in Rio de Janeiro."

Praise For…

"We had a lot of fun in Rio de Janeiro in the mid-1970s while we developed our capoeira. Ricardo became the first mestre of the YMCA of Governors’ Island and, in 1976, introduced capoeira to North Carolina, United States."
—Mestre Paulo Siqueira, Nzinga School of Capoeira, Germany

"Mestre Ricardo has a talent for sharing his technical knowledge of capoeira in ways that result in happy and interested students."
—Professor Geraldo C. Barbosa, cofounder of the YMCA of Governors’ Island

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ISBN: 9781583942314
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Publisher: Blue Snake Books
Publication Date: December 29th, 2009
Pages: 256
Language: English