Human Rights Watch World Report (Paperback)

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Human Rights Watch is increasingly recognized as the world's leader in building a stronger awareness for human rights. Their annual World Report is the most probing review of human rights developments available anywhere.
Written in straightforward, non-technical language, Human Rights Watch World Report prioritizes events in the most affected countries during the previous year. The backbone of the report consists of a series of concise overviews of the most pressing human rights issues in countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, with particular focus on the role--positive or negative--played in each country by key domestic and international figures.
Highly anticipated and widely publicized by the U.S. and international press every year, the World Report is an invaluable resource for journalists, diplomats, and all citizens of the world.

About the Author

Human Rights Watch is the largest U.S.-based international human rights organization. It investigates, reports on, and seeks to curb human rights abuses in some 70 countries.
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ISBN: 9781583229217
ISBN-10: 1583229213
Publisher: Seven Stories Press
Publication Date: February 2011
Pages: 649
Language: English
Series: Human Rights Watch World Report (Paperback)