The Little Book of Aromatherapy (Paperback)

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"Aromatherapy." The word conjures up images of luxurious spas, flower petals, and scented candles. But aromatherapy is more than just indulgence-it's also the key to improving complexion, boosting emotions, and healing a multitude of health disorders.
In "The Little Book of Aromatherapy," Kathi Keville invites you to explore the healing power of essential oils-potent aromatic substances extracted from fragrant plants. She provides not only emotional applications, but also some seriously pragmatic fixes for everyday challenges, from insect-repelling candles to carpal tunnel relief-even natural flea collars for your furry friends. With more than 50 formulas for skin and hair care treatments, medicinal remedies, and alternatives to toxic household cleaning products, this updated guide will help you harness aromatherapy for beauty, health, and peace of mind.

About the Author

Kathi Keville is an internationally known herbalist and aromatherapist who has led medicinal herb and aromatherapy seminars throughout North America for over forty years. Her Green Medicine Herb School offers a year-round program that includes wild herb walks, herb garden tours, and aromatherapy seminars. She grows over 400 herb species at the Oak Valley Herb Farm in Northern California, and she is the Director of the American Herb Association and the editor of their quarterly newsletter. She cohosts the popular aromatherapy show "Everybody Nose" on Dish Network and hosts a radio program called "The Garden""Forum".

Praise For…

“A super-handy and practical guide, packed with tips, helpful charts, and easy-to-make recipes. Highly recommended!”
–Amy Mayfield, senior editor, The Herb Companion magazine

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ISBN: 9781580911955
ISBN-10: 1580911951
Publisher: Crossing Press
Publication Date: August 11th, 2009
Pages: 174
Language: English