Finding Soul on the Path of Orisa: A West African Spiritual Tradition (Paperback)

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In the realm of African spiritual pathways, no tradition is so widely embraced and practiced as the West African religion Orisa. Awakened by her own spiritual journey, Tobe Melora Correal, an initiated priestess in the Yoruba-Lukumi branch of Orisa, guides us along this blessed road. FINDING THE SOUL ON THE PATH OF ORISA provides a fresh look at these ancient teachings and emphasizes introspection and inner work over the outward manifestations of Orisa's practices. Correal debunks misconceptions surrounding the tradition, drawing us into a lushly textured, Earth-centered spiritual system--a compassionate and useful roadmap for revering God.

About the Author

Tobe Melora Correal is an initiated priestess in the Yoruba-Lukumi branch of Orisa. She lives in New York City.
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ISBN: 9781580911498
ISBN-10: 1580911498
Publisher: Crossing Press
Publication Date: January 28th, 2003
Pages: 182
Language: English