The Complete Guide to Labyrinths: Tapping the Sacred Spiral for Power, Protection, Transformation, and Healing (Paperback)

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- A guide to the sacred labyrinth, including history, mythology, and rituals, from a renowned British psychic and author.- Walking or dancing in a labyrinth induces an altered state of consciousness akin to meditation.- With ideas for creating indoor and outdoor labyrinths and a guide to locating labyrinths around the world.

About the Author

Cassandra Eason (United Kingdom) has been writing about angels for more than twenty years. She lectures, broadcasts, and gives workshops around the world on all aspects of spirituality and magic. Eason is the international bestselling author of more than forty-five titles. Visit her online at
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ISBN: 9781580911269
ISBN-10: 1580911269
Publisher: Crossing Press
Publication Date: June 2004
Pages: 336
Language: English