Numerology Demystified (Paperback)

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“Numerology is to traditional mathematics what psychology is to anatomy.”
In NUMEROLOGY DEMYSTIFIYED, Alan Oken will help you determine your personality type using simple calculations. Each chapter begins with a formula for discovering your personal destiny, aspects of your character, even the proper time to accomplish your goals. Each formula is followed by numbers derived from your own name and birthdate. In this book you will learn how to find and interpret your Destiny Number, Personal Year Number, Success Year Number, Personality Number, and Soul Urge Number.

About the Author

ALAN OKEN forges a new field of study which he calls "soul-centered astrology"--distinct from the personality-oriented approach which is in vogue. This field of study emanates from Alice Bailey's Esoteric Astrology, which calls for a higher level of interpretation, manifestation of the soul, and service. An author, linguist, and translator, Oken speaks and writes in seven languages and has lectured extensively throughout the world. Alan Oken also makes frequent media appearances and had his own radio program in his home city, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Oken is a student of the Work and Teaching of the Tibetan Master, Djwahl Khul, and is a member of the new Group of World Servers.
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ISBN: 9781580911023
Publisher: Crossing Press
Publication Date: September 1st, 2002
Pages: 173