Field Guide to North American Truffles: Hunting, Identifying, and Enjoying the World's Most Prized Fungi (Paperback)

Field Guide to North American Truffles: Hunting, Identifying, and Enjoying the World's Most Prized Fungi Cover Image
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The second most expensive food in the world after saffron, truffles are treasured, coveted, and savored for their mysterious and exotic flavor. This complete field guide shows chefs and fungi aficionados how to forage for and identify the wide variety of truffles that grow in temperate forests throughout North America. Written by expert horticulturalists who have studied, classified, and enjoyed truffles for decades, the FIELD GUIDE TO NORTH AMERICAN TRUFFLES makes these celebrated underground jewels accessible to all. The first full-color illustrated guide to identifying North American truffles by their key features, including profiles of more than 80 species of truffles. Includes more than 80 photographs of rare and hard-to-find truffle species. Features flavor profiles, delectability index, and culinary tips for each species. Perfect size for carrying in a pocket or daypack.Reviews"It''s the first book of its kind, complete with photographs, cross-sectional views of indigenous truffle varieties, guides to seasonal availability, and foraging tips for hundreds of kinds of truffles (both the edible and inedible kinds), as well as tasting notes and cooking tips."-Saveur.

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After National Service, as a Radio Mechanic in the Middle East, Frank Evans became a school teacher for six years before turning to industry and the then burgeoning discipline of automatic control. Ten years later after working in the areas of automatic control for aircraft and power stations, he was invited to join Queen Mary University of London where he spent the next 20 years teaching and conducting theoretical research in control theory. He was awarded his Ph.D. and eventually a D.Sc. Degree for his work and became a Reader Emeritus of the University of London. During this time, and after, he was invited to act as Visiting Professor at several Universities here and in Europe, an acted as consultant to certain industrial organisations. He was later invited to become Professor and Director of the Control Systems Centre at the University of the South Bank, London where he became its first Professor Emeritus on retirement . His life-long interest in painting then developed into a very modest success; as a 'Sunday painter' exhibiting in several commercial galleries, including two one-man shows, and this also encouraged him to think about the art-science dichotomy From a long association with the University of London Extra-Mural Department he developed courses concerned with popular scientific and cultural concepts from which this book eventually developed, and also an earlier intermediate web-site. From this varied life-time experience the contents of this book have come.

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Publication Date: October 2007
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