The Goodbye Year: Wisdom and Culinary Therapy to Survive Your Child's Senior Year of High School (and Reclaim the You of You) (Paperback)

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Every September, some mommy’s baby” starts her senior year of high school. For many women, a child’s senior year is the first serious look back on the past eighteen. Every event (from Halloween to Mother’s Day) will be The Last Time. Mixed in with all the melancholy is the ever-present and stress-filled now” of the senior yearcollege applications.

The Goodbye Year speaks to a mother’s realization that her child’s senior year of high school is the end of motherhood as she knows it, because Toni Piccinini knows exactly what that’s like. After her third child graduated, she was an expert at navigating the senior year experience, and she shares her acquired wisdom about letting go in a narrative that addresses what motherhoodand womanhoodis really all about.

From college applications to acceptances (and sometimes rejections), Piccinini takes the reader through senior year, one month at a time. With tips for staying sane and letting go, as well as calendars and other helpful tools, this book provides guidance for mothers struggling with their soon-to-be empty nest. Part self-help, part therapy, and completely honest, The Goodbye Year is the perfect book for moms getting ready to say goodbye to their children.

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ISBN: 9781580054867
ISBN-10: 1580054862
Publisher: Seal Press (CA)
Publication Date: September 10th, 2013
Pages: 250
Language: English