When God Waits: Making Sense of Divine Delays (Paperback)

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Is God keeping you waiting?
Does it feel like God has pushed the pause button on your life? If you re frustrated by God's apparent slowness, don t assume that having to wait is a waste of time. God does some of his most important work in your life during these divine delays.
Many of the men and women of faith that we read about in the Bible had to endure long, difficult seasons of waiting before they could fulfill God's destiny for their lives. And just like these biblical heroes, you can learn how to see what God is doing and how he is changing your life while you re waiting.
Don t miss out on the richness of this God-ordained lag between catching a vision for your calling and seeing God fulfill it. No matter how long you have to wait, you can be transformed as God prepares you to fulfill your divine calling.

About the Author

Jerome Daley pursues the passion of his life intimacy with God and people in partnership with his wife, Kellie. Through oneFlesh Ministries, Jerome and Kellie speak, write, and lead worship with a goal of sparking a consuming passion for God in the lives of God s people. The author of "Soul Space, " Jerome earned a masters degree in New Testament from Columbia Biblical Seminary. Jerome, Kellie, and their three children live in Greensboro, North Carolina. For more information, visit www.onefleshministries.org"

Praise For…

Praise for When God Waits:

“Jerome Daley explains the value of faithfully doing what we know to do until God reveals the next step. None of us likes to wait. But God does some of his most important work in the lives of those who are waiting for God to fulfill the calling He has placed on them. If you’re longing for God to open up your destiny, read this book. When God Waits is a much-needed gift to all who have ever wished that God would just hurry up!”
–Ted Haggard, pastor, author, and president of the National Association of Evangelicals

“In When God Waits, Jerome Daley probes one of God’s more frustrating habits: promising a hope and a future, and then hanging fire. What is God waiting for? Daley, in search of an answer, quarries several stories from Scripture as well as his own season of limbo, and emerges with a reminder of the riches hidden within divine delay.”
–Mark Buchanan, author of The Holy Wild

“Jerome Daley has extended an irresistible invitation to those of us who sometimes find ourselves desperately clinging to the hope that there’s a purpose in life’s disappointments and difficulties. When God Waits is written by someone who, having endured the darkness, has become resolute in his belief that God is unrelentingly good and outrageously in love with us.”  
–Fil Anderson, author of Running On Empty: Contemplative Spirituality for Overachievers

When God Waits provides a landing place for the confusion and disillusionment that come from seasons of seeming inactivity on the part of God. Jerome Daley has done my heart a service through this beautiful work, encouraging me that the waiting is actually doing something in me, is actually taking me somewhere good.”
–Jan Meyers, author of The Allure of Hope and Listening to Love

“Jerome Daley reminds us of the beauty, presence, and purpose of God in the waiting period, and that God is just as amazing then as He is at any other time. Readers will grow to trust God even more, and will be greatly rewarded as they are encouraged to faint not.”
–Che Ahn, Senior Pastor, Harvest Rock Church, Pasadena, California

“Even when our lives seem chaotic and aimless, God is up to something. When God Waits gives us fresh insight to liberate us from discouragement and confusion when things don’t appear to work out the way we want. Even more, it gives us a strategic plan of action to follow that will lead to activating the destiny God has for us.”
–Linus Morris, President, Christian Associates International

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