The Wind That Destroys and Heals: Trusting the God of Sorrow and Joy (Paperback)

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Why would a loving, all-powerful God allow so much pain and suffering? It's a question everyone asks-from skeptics to spiritual seekers to confirmed believers. In "The Wind That Destroys and Heals, " theologian and educator Stephen Broyles wrestles with it personally, powerfully, and poignantly.
After enduring the horror of his young wife's death, Broyles interrogated the Scriptures to find a reasonable explanation for his devastating loss. In this book he supplies the coordinates readers need to track God through the darkest, most broken stretches of life. God is there in all of it, and it's possible for us to locate him even when the thickening darkness dims our sight.
Like the psalmists of the Hebrew Scriptures, Broyles challenged God to explain himself, to demonstrate why in heaven's name any sane person should trust God. And he received an answer-though not the one he expected: God is a Wind that could easily destroy us but who also holds out the only promise for our healing. We understand our undoing only in light of who God is. And we find our ultimate healing only in God.

About the Author

Stephen taught English composition, philosophy, literature, Greek, Hebrew, and theology at the college level for seventeen years.
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ISBN: 9781578566532
ISBN-10: 1578566533
Publisher: Shaw Books
Publication Date: April 15th, 2003
Pages: 144
Language: English