Celebrating the Wrath of God (Paperback)

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Is There a Purpose to Suffering And Loss? We only have to live to see or experience how agonizing life can be. We are surrounded by child abuse and neglect, starving families, premature deaths of those we love, natural disasters and global disease. How could a God worthy of respect and worship allow such a world to exist?

There are no simple answers. But there is hope. For, claims author Jim McGuiggan, suffering may in fact be the last thing we expect–an expression of God’s wrath, which in turn is nothing other than his relentless, loving pursuit of us. If this is true, then suffering is a vital part of God’s work to redeem his creation. Give this claim a hearing, and you just might see the suffering world in a new way–a world shot through with glory and hope and assurance.

About the Author

Jim McGuiggan, a powerful speaker and seasoned writer, has written numerous inspirational books, including "The God of the Towel, Jesus the Hero of Thy Soul, Where the Spirit of the Lord Is . . ., Let Me Count the Ways", and "Celebrating the Wrath of God". Born in Belfast, Ireland, McGuiggan has studied and taught the Bible in America at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Since he and his wife of 44 years, Ethel, returned to Ireland, he has worked with a congregation of God's people outside of Belfast.

Praise For…

“The only answer to the question of suffering is God.”
–from Celebrating the Wrath of God

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ISBN: 9781578564088
ISBN-10: 1578564085
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
Publication Date: September 18th, 2001
Pages: 240
Language: English