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They've been called "visionary" by both" Newsweek" and "Time," hailed as "the ad world's most talked-about agency" by "USA Today," and dubbed "the next big thing" by "Business 2.0." They launched the Mini car craze in America, took on Big Tobacco in the controversial "Truth" campaign, sexed up Virgin Airlines, and made Burger King sizzle once again. And they did it with bold publicity stunts, infectious viral marketing strategies, funny masks, folding paper, outrageous Internet hoaxes, and a weird, garter belt-wearing chicken who became a cultural sensation. And this random madness has a very sound method to it: "Hoopla."
In "Hoopla," the secret inner workings of this freewheeling, break-the-mold idea factory are revealed for the first time. Veteran journalist Warren Berger, who has tracked and reported on the CP+B phenomenon over the past decade, fully examines and deconstructs the methods that lie behind the agency's seeming madness, while the striking images throughout the book (captioned by the CP+B creative team) provide insights into the logic, intuition, mischief, and passion that leads to the creation of "Hoopla." The result is a fascinating journey into a realm of unbridled creativity.
See the madness. Read the method. "Hoopla."
"Hoopla" also includes practical, step-by-step advice on how to find and promote big ideas (even on a shoestring budget), and how to generate excitement and hype in today's cluttered, noisy communications landscape. If you're a marketer, a communicator of any type, or anyone who needs to get out a message and generate some buzz, "Hoopla" will change the way you think about the art of communication.

About the Author

Warren Berger has studied hundreds of the world s leading innovators, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers to learn how they ask questions, generate original ideas, and solve problems. His writing and research on questioning and innovation have appeared in Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, and Wired. He is the author of the internationally acclaimed book Glimmer, an in-depth analysis of creative thinking that was named one of BusinessWeek s Best Innovation and Design Books of the Year. Berger has appeared on NBC s Today, ABC s World News, CNN, and NPR s All Things Considered. He lives with his wife, Laura E. Kelly, in Westchester, New York. His website is www.AMore BeautifulQuestion.com.
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ISBN: 9781576873120
ISBN-10: 1576873129
Publisher: powerHouse Books
Publication Date: November 2006
Pages: 432
Language: English