The Ayurvedic Vegan Kitchen: Finding Harmony Through Food (Paperback)

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The Ayurvedic Vegan Kitchen is a celebration of the benefits of ayurveda and a vegan diet. Certified ayurvedic practitioner, Talya Lutzker opens a new world of healing that previously had been off limits to vegans and anyone who needs to avoid dairy.

Ayurveda, a holistic healing system developed in ancient India, organizes the elements of ether, air, fire, water, and earth into three body types or doshas. Each individual's dominant dosha needs to be balanced on a regular basis. Dairy products are important foods in conventional ayurveda; however, for every milk-based food that ayurvedic healers revere, Talya has substituted an equally effective whole-food vegan alternative. Over 120 delicious recipes provide healing flavors and harmony to the mind and spirit. Easy-to-follow symbols on each recipe page show how that recipe can balance the body's constitution. This cookbook is the perfect marriage of a healing diet and exquisite taste.

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ISBN: 9781570672866
ISBN-10: 1570672865
Publisher: Book Publishing Company (TN)
Publication Date: September 1st, 2012
Pages: 183
Language: English