Ideokinesis: A Creative Approach to Human Movement & Body Alignment (Paperback)

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Mabel Elsworth Todd pioneered ideokinesis in the 1920s. Her book, The Thinking Body, described new ways to use all the senses as well as inner feeling and imagination to retrain the body to move with ease and balance. The system became an invaluable tool for generations of dancers, actors, and performance artists, thanks largely to one of its most important teachers, André Bernard (1924-2003). This book presents an introduction to the practice as well as a lengthy interview with Bernard and two meticulously detailed workshop protocols illustrated with 52 photographs and line drawings.

About the Author

ANDRE BERNARD is a senior political scientist at the University of Montreal and an expert in public administration.

Praise For…

"[André Bernard] taught with uncommon sensitivity and unparalleled knowledge of the kinesthetic realm. Those of us fortunate enough to study with André were given a learning experience that continues to resonate with every movement we make. What a gift to have this record of his work!"—Pamela Matt, Professor Emeritus, Department of Dance, Arizona State University, Prescott, AZ"I quote André's images and explanations to my Rolfing clients daily. His true kindness and gentleness are indelibly etched into my neuromuscular pathways, and I can only hope to continue educating and touching people's lives in this context."—Kayte Ringer, Rolfer, New York City

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