Palimpsest (Compact Disc)

By Catherynne Valente, Aasne Vigesaa (Performed by)
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Between life and death, dreaming and waking, at the train stop beyond the end of the world is the city of Palimpsest. To get there is a miracle, a mystery, a gift, and a curse a voyage permitted only to those who ve always believed there's another world than the one that meets the eye. Those fated to make the passage are marked forever by a map of that wondrous city tattooed on their flesh after a single orgasmic night. To this kingdom of ghost trains, lion-priests, living kanji, and cream-filled canals come four travelers: Oleg, a New York locksmith; the beekeeper November; Ludovico, a binder of rare books; and a young Japanese woman named Sei. They ve each lost something important a wife, a lover, a sister, a direction in life and what they will find in Palimpsest is more than they could ever imagine.

About the Author

Catherynne M. Valente is the author of over a dozen works of fiction and poetry, including Palimpsest, the Orphan's Tales series, The Habitation of the Blessed, Deathless and Six Gun Snow White. Time magazine named her fantasy novel The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Own Making as among the Top 10 fiction books of 2012. Indistinguishable from Magic, a collection of more than 60 of her essays, was published in 2014.

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ISBN: 9781441870179
ISBN-10: 1441870172
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication Date: August 15th, 2010
Language: English