Superman Versus the Ku Klux Klan: The True Story of How the Iconic Superhero Battled the Men of Hate (Library Binding)

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This book tells a group of intertwining stories that culminate in the historic 1947 collision of the Superman Radio Show and the Ku Klux Klan. It is the story of the two Cleveland teenagers who invented Superman as a defender of the little guy and the New York wheeler-dealers who made him a major media force. It is the story Ku Klux Klan's development from a club to a huge money-making machine powered by the powers of fear and hate and of the folklorist who--along with many other activists-- took on the Klan by wielding the power of words. Above all, it tells the story of Superman himself--a modern mythical hero and an embodiment of the cultural reality of his times--from the Great Depression to the present.

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About the Author

Rick Bowers is a wildlife photographer, naturalist and writer. His credits include Birders World Magazine, National Geographic, and the book, KAUFMAN FOCUS GUIDES: MAMMALS OF NORTH AMERICA.

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ISBN: 9781426309168
ISBN-10: 1426309163
Publisher: National Geographic Society
Publication Date: January 10th, 2012
Pages: 160
Language: English